American Christian Arrogance

I am noticing a disturbing trend amongst some American Christians. Probably due to the fact that we as a people have not endured persecution in this country (like our less fortunate brothers elsewhere), and also due to the fact that we are the nominal majority here, we seem to have developed a sense of entitlement.

This is expresed through complaints about creches, Ten Commandment monuments, and crosses being removed from government property, the seemingly ceaseless proclaimation that we are a “Christian Country” and a litany of frankly disgusting religio-patriotic hymns that seem to forget that 1) there are gracious, loving, and kind Christians living elsewhere in the world that don’t feel that the USA is God’s gift to the world; and 2) that the United States of America has been, is, and will continue to be a flawed, sinful and human nation.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love the freedoms and protections I have in this country, and I am greatful for the men and women who fight tirelessly to preserve these liberties and protections (and I’m talking about more than just soldiers here). There is no other place on the earth I’d rather live.

But this is not our land, and I see no significant reason to believe that it is God’s land either. This country was founded by men, with men’s ideas and men’s guns. I cannot find a single passage or prophesy dictating that the founding fathers build a Christian country on North American Soil. In fact, I see no command to build a “Christian Nation” anywhere in Scripture.

There is nothing to indicate that this nation is specifically blessed by God, anymore than France, Germany, Greece etc. Yes, I am sure that God has moved in America, as all Good things derive ultimately from God. But Good things happen around the world, great blessings that are deeply meaningful to people, and yet they don’t proclaim their nation as some sort of New Jerusalem built in Heaven intended to rule the earth.

What I do see is our Master warning us against lust for power. The Commandment from Christ was not to build a nation, but rather to preach the Gospel, Make disciples when they listen to the message (Matt 28:19), and move elsewhere when they won’t (Matt 10:14).

How could we take this message to mean build an empire and marginalize those who do not believe as we do?

(For those Curious. This post was sparked by a thread on a forum I belong to, where a great number of my fellow American Christians were stating that mosques should not be built in the US as supposedly muslim values are “anti american” whatever that means. I assume they referring to the whole “Christian nation” thing.)


So Why Do I Do This to Myself?

I went back to Sodahead, the vile stinking pit of politiocultist paranoia and warfare. In the last two days i’ve been called a democrat and a false Christian, because i’ve criticized Jingoism as the enemy of patriotism.

The Thread in question was regarding whether or not it was acceptable to criticize America to foreigners. I argued that we have the constitutional right to criticize our government to whomever we want, and that that right is one of the essential building blocks of our society.

For some reason that makes me an anti american traitor.

The Rhetoric there pisses me off substantially, but i keep getting dragged back in.

I can understand why so many lose faith

Its the Christians. Those damned Christians. Yes, I am one of them, but I’ve seen how we can hurt people.

No, this is not some bitchfest about the faith, wannabe revolutionaries, I want no religion bashing in my comments. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i’m just sicked how its been dragged through the mud.


The First thing that is pissing me off is the politics. Jesus had several opportunities to establish a state. He was God Incarnate, so if he wanted to overthrow rome he could have done it. But no, he was worried about more important things, saving the lost, feeding the hungry and loving people unconditionally. The problem is the Modern Church has forgotten this. We have forgotten that Christianity is not about Blind Jingo Patriotism, and instead it is about loving and serving our fellow man in the imitation of Christ.

The Second thing is the attitude of superiority. I want to slap my fellow believers upside the head everytime i hear them talking about “sinners”. WE ARE ALL SINNERS DAMN IT, if you don’t realize that, you’ve failed Christianity 101. Get off your high horse, Get down in the Trenches and Love!

The Last thing, a lot of us can’t talk to people. We speak in a foreign language, which makes no sense to the average person. Jesus spoke to his contemporaries where they were. He didn’t ramble on about “The Lord Laying Something on His Heart” or “Claiming Righteous Victory”. He simply taught us to love one another, drop the hypocritical bullshit, and believe in Him. How did we mess that up?

(Yes, i’m back with a rant, read the name of the site)

I am alive and blogging

Just not here. Of course I plan to keep this site up and use it, but most of my recreational writing has been going to another project that I have not shared with many people. I may or may not put a link up here, but I haven’t completely forgotten about my foray into online writing.

Its getting warm again. Very warm. Sweaty.

Nostalgia Sucks

At least when it comes to movies and other media. Yes I Like thinking back on things from my youth and enjoying a nostalgic moment, but frankly it seems like people are blinded from the good things happening now, because they worship the past.

For example, i recently read a list of “disappointing movies” on another blog i read (I may link it at some point). The author listed both the new King Kong and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as disappointing movies. Frankly, I think this has a lot to do with a sense of nostalgia that overlooks the flaws and magnifies the strengths of things we enjoyed in the past.

I believe this, because I did not grow up with Indiana Jones and the New Kong is the only version I’ve seen, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. I have seen the Indy Trilogy, and Frankly I think Crystal Skull is just as good as the others (if slightly different).

I absolutely adore Kong, and the ending made me sad.

I don’t have the nostalgia glasses that makes gods out of the older films and gives me higher than plausible expectations for the upcoming films. This is probably the same reason I don’t hate the Star Wars Prequels. I could enjoy them without comparing them to a highly distorted and aggrandized memory of the Original Trilogy. I had seen the original Trilogy shortly before the release of Episode One, and I had a more real view of the Older movies, which had both flaws and strengths.


(Yes, I admit I truly hate Episode 1, but 2 was not nearly as bad as people say and 3 contends with 6 as my absolute Favorite)


I am sick and tired of the Political Self Righteousness so common in the US today. We spend so much time ranting and raving and tearing down the “other side” all the while patting ourselves on the back and feeling like our little clique is gonna save the world, while nothing really happens.

This is the great evil of the Two party system. It creates an us vs. them mentality. Two options become no options as the parties focus on nothing but “winning” and competing, to the point that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Democrats, Human Civilization has been going on for at least 6-10 thousand years. There are Six BILLION people on this planet. NOT EVERYTHING IS THE EVIL REPUBLICANS’ FAULT.

Republicans, Human Civilization has been going on for at least 6-10 thousand years. There are Six BILLION people on the planet. NOT EVERYTHING IS THE EVIL DEMOCRATS’ FAULT!

Both parties follow their cults of personality, Reagan, Palin, Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Limbaugh, Hannity, Maddow etc. They win us over by telling us how they are going to save us from the evil other.

We sit around and watch the “news” that feeds us what we want to hear. For the Right its Fox news, for the Left its MSNBC and CNN. They too pat us on the back and tell us that we’re right and the other is wrong.

This is why we need to abolish the two party system. When there are 16 completing platforms, its hard to demonize them all. Perhaps people will start actually trying to fix things rather than trying to illustrate how the evil other screwed it up.

*slams his head into the desk*

Sit down today and think. Describe to yourself the typical member of the opposite party. If that person resembles something you’d find in a political cartoon or hear in a joke, then you’ve bought into the lie, and you too are a victim of the idiotic political machine. Perhaps we should rethink what we think we know.

Downloaded the XBOX 360 Update today

My Xbox is still broken in that it fucks up games. BUUUT, i still use it to play dvds (DVDs apparently spin slower than Xbox games, and have never broken on me like the games have) and listen to music.

Now I can also use it to listen to Radio through my TV! WOOOT!

*does a dance*



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