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Dad in the Hospital

Dad had a lot of seizures last night and he got rushed off to the ER. He is stabilized, and they are now trying to figure out what is going on, as his seizures are a lot more frequent than they used to be.

Prayers would be appreciated.


The Difference between Muslims and Christians

In Islam they swear revenge for their martyers.

In Christianity We pray for the killers of our Martyers and send more teachers to Show them the Way of Salvation in Peace and Love


Our Brother is in Glory, with the Lord He gave his life for!

Together with our Brother Let us sing:

HOLY HOLY HOLY, Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory, Praise be to thee O Christ. Amen!

May his murderers learn the Peace of Our Master.

Pray Brothers

Our Brothers and sisters from South Korea are in danger Tonight. The evil one is threatening their lives. Pray that God’s will be done, that they be delivered, or become Strong Wittnesses for Christ in their martyerdom.

May they Have the Strength to do His Will.

I’m sick of being called a racist

And yet another politician is calling the immigration debate racist. Its common to simply throw names at those who you disagree with. It has been done as long as mankind has been arguing over things. But that does not make it any easier to swallow. In fact it is starting to wear me down.

I’m supposedly a Nazi, Mysogenist, Homophobic “neo-con” because I hold certain beliefs that many on the left disagree with. I’m sick of it. I am a person damn it and I don’t expect to be treated like a caricature.

if a “Loving, caring, and open minded liberal” compares me to hitler one more time I’m going to blow.




Interesting point….