My Birthday

My 20th Birthday was yesterday. I had fun.

The Family went out for a movie and then we went to a buffet. Dad had seizures at the end but overall it was great.

A few days ago, I recieved a gift of Nirvana’s Box set, and more importantly A new study bible.

Its “The Catholic Bible” and While I am not roman catholic, I do enjoy good study bibles, and to see other points of view.

And honestly most of the footnotes I have read are fairly neutral.

In other news, Chris has a reasonable day at work today, IE he gets there, and leaves, in daylight. Thank God, its tiring to have to wait up till 1AM to go with mom to pick him up.

But he probably has a crazy schedule tomorrow, so the rest is probably shortlived.

I became a Zombie On Facebook. Its basically a club where you “Bite” people and see if they will join the game. THe goal is to try and see how many zombies you can make. I got bit by two people almost simultaneously myself.

CF is becoming Chaotic. Really. The Crazy infighting and exclusionism, matched with a majority rules ideal of rule formulation makes for chaos.

Seriously, its getting insane over there.

Its sad that the Benjamin Gate is no longer a band. I know its been a few years but their music was unique and uplifting, and some catchy tunes.

Getting Kinda Nirvana’d out. I was on a Nirvana kick the last few weeks, and I’m getting a bit wore out.

God Bless!

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