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Nirvana was easily one of the Greatest Rock bands to ever exist. Yes, I admit they were not virtuosos. But that is not what they were known for. That is not what they gave to music. That is not what they are remembered for.

They are remembered for the passion and brutal honesty they brought forward in their lyrics, and the intensity that was present in their music. Irony was the driving force of their hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Injustice was the Muse of the oft misunderstood “Rape Me”, Pain was all too obvious in the late Released “You Know You’re Right”, which I consider a more obvious Suicide note than the one he scrawled before he died.

I just received the Box set from my brother for my Birthday. The Cuts are Raw, and the Songs are unfinished, which would drag down our image of any other band. Nirvana Fans revel in the imperfect yet powerful musical works of art.

The Box set pulls back the very thin layer of production and lets us see even more clearly what Nirvana was about. Intensity and Honesty.

I admit many will not like the rough cuts…. But I can only describe this set with one word.



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