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I’m alive,

and I intend to get blogging again.


Felony to flush a Koran?–vandalismquran0727jul27,0,6882662.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

Hypocrisy in two forms

Its a crime to flush a Koran, but not stick a crucifix in piss.

Muslim Akon can hump a woman on stage, but non Muslim Gwen Stefani can’t wear revealing clothes.

What is our world coming to. You can piss off everyone, except muslims. Muslims are untouchable. Muslims are popular.

The callousness of our Leaders

I bet if the Christians were over there blowing up abortion clinics there’d be an outrage.

But a bunch of fucking terrorist pussy bastards takes my bretheren into hostage and kills several of them and I hear nothing on the news but Michael Vick and Lindsay Lohan.