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Updating for the sake of updating, because if I don’t…. i will eventually abandon it.

Today there is a Marathon of Law and Order CI. Its not my favorite Law and Order, but it is still good.


Possible Dry Run?

From Jihad Watch.

Six Syrians detained in Panama after suspicious behavior on plane

Maybe they tried to open a door. Maybe they had a knife. “Syrians detained on Panama-bound plane,” by Juan Zamorano for Associated Press (thanks to Louis):

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Six Syrians were detained in Panama on Tuesday after the crew on their flight from Cuba alerted authorities to suspicious behavior. An aviation official denied police reports that the Syrians tried to open the cockpit door.”This is not a hijacking,” said Victor de la Hoz, spokesman for the Panamanian Civil Aviation Authority.

Panama’s National Police director, Rolando Mirones, said earlier that the passengers approached the cockpit “apparently with the intention of opening a door.”

But de la Hoz said the Copa Airlines crew simply notified authorities on the ground that a knife was missing after they served the meal in the first-class cabin, where the Syrians were sitting. He did not say whether the Syrians were suspected of taking the knife.

Mirones said the suspects “did not commit any violent acts inside the airplane, but they raised suspicions,” adding: “That is why we are investigating.”

A poor girl killed by ahmedinajad

A family mourning their little girl. My heart is broken.

I pray to God for Both Justice, and the strength not to hate. It is not an easy battle.

Pray for me, a sinner.

Transcript of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia University.

He’d probably be pissed that its located at a site with “Zionism” in the title, but screwem, its the only place I could find it. No one else seems to care enough to posted.

For those interested:

Proof the prophets of Islam are false prophets.

Iranian Government website announces that the Islamic Messianic figure Imam Mahdi, and Jesus would return by spring 2007.

*looks at watch*

Carpal Tunnel

I’ve got carpal tunnel and I’m a gamer, which really does bring up a quandry. I like to game, but I sometimes get some pain in my hand and wrist when playing button intensive games like Tony Hawk. I have found the problem does not come up as much when playing less intensive games like football games or Halo (yes believe it or not, halo is pretty light on the button mashing, most of the controls deal with the analog sticks and the triggers.). It is more in my left hand/wrist/arm than my right, but it too can get get a bit achy.

The pain is usually not intense, and something I can ignore fairly easily. I occasionally take Ibuprofen when the pain gets a little stronger than usual, but that is fairly rare.

I am worried that the gaming may be bad for my hands, but I really love to do it.

I wonder what I should do…..

2 of 2 rants today: Political

This one is all about the President of Iran…..


What kind of Dumbass thing is this to do? I mean REALLY. This guy is a double faced snake. When speaking to us he puts up a false front of a peaceful intellegent world leader. But when speaking in his own country to his own people, he shows a different front, for example….

“They have invented a myth that Jews were massacred and place this above God, religions and the prophets.”

“The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of a war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land. As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map.”


Some are rightfully pissed off…..

Yet others seem to be giddy….

Most curiously a Gay Jewish woman…. who would be killed in Iran…… who claims to have a crush on him…..


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