Frustration of Frustrations

The tension around here is a bit high, due to an increase in dad’s seizures, and the resultant fear and frustration from that. We have been snapping at each other a bit, but not so bad that we lose track of the fact that we are indeed family.

Dad is having a bit of a better day. We are of course glad for this. The last few days of a seizure rattled father, whom we love dearly, has been a bit much for everyone involved. Its hard to be so frustrated and angry at the man we love. We know he can’t control it, but its not easy to keep our cool while watching our father/husband be tortured.

But, God will get us through it. He has before, and he will now.


We unfortunately havn’t been making it to church as much as we’d like. I would really like to rectify that.

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous is having some difficulties. It seems that their doctors are a bit incompetent and not giving them the help they need. No one reads this thing, but those who happen to run across this thing can feel free to pray for them.

My dog has been good at catching dad’s seizures before he has them, a sort of sixth sense perhaps.

I can’t wait to get back to school. I feel restless just stuck here at home all the time with nothing to do. Looking forward to doing something useless.


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