1 of 2 entries today:personal

I have a few things I want to rant on today, Some are personal, some are political. I decided to put them in two different categories today for the sake of ease. Those who care about only one side of me can skip the other side at their comfort.

Dad’s seizures are getting a little bit better… but very very slowly. I should be thankful that his health is improving, but we are still fighting them, and although they are getting better we are still fighting with the round that started almost a month ago (the day of the First OSU football game this season) when he had seizures at work and ended p going to the hospital.

I thank God that he is getting better, but I just need a break from fighting the battle.

Secondly I’m afraid for my life ahead. I have never really been an optimist, especially concerning my own abilities. I am afraid of being forever dependant on the care of my parents, which while I am grateful for them, is unnatural. I feel like my life is not progressing, like i am in the same place I was 2 years ago when i turned 18.

Of course, I am working on getting back to school (I finally have a date.) I am starting in january because I am part of the way through the winter session already and I couldn’t afford the few availiable classes because I would not be taking enough credit hours to be eligable for the financial aid to pay for them.

Thus I am starting in January.

I guess everyone goes through this fear, that they are going nowhere. I guess that is what moves us forward in the first place. Perhaps I am freaking out over nothing.

An internet friend of mine is having some of the same fears… I guess it is at least somewhat common. Perhaps… oh well.

I’m arguing with a guy on the internet, who is very pompously Anglo Catholic, over whether or not the Church in England was ruled by Rome for 1,000 years between about 600 AD and the 1500 AD. This guy is so obsessed with apostolic succession, pedigree and the politics of the church that he has to change history to somehow legitimize his church. I don’t have to legitimize anything. My Church Preaches Christ and Administers the Sacraments, I’m happy.


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