Time for another personal longwinded mumblefest.

I love the idea of a ramble blog. Because I can put up news and commentary like the pundits, but I can also just rant about shit in everyday life too. A post about Clinton could easily be followed by a post about how my dog usually wakes up with goo in his eyes. 😛

Blogging itself is a facinating concept. Absolutely everyone has a forum now. Your thoughts, feelings and musings can be published internationally, and read by people who don’t even know your name. People can be free to write whatever they want, as they do not fear public backlash, its interesting. It opens speech up quite a bit, even though it also leaves open the possibility of abuse.

The New Fox Sunday line up is premiering tonight. I’m watching it as I type. The opening sequence of the simpsons made multiple references to the movie. Genius. I love it. I”m really looking forward to the Family Guy Star Wars special.

(To my european/british readers, you have to wait a few months for it, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAHHHHH NAHHHH!!!! We get everything first because we are obviously a superior people!!!)

(For those of you with no sense of humor, that was a joke, no need to call the PC Police. It seems a lot of blog readers have them on speed dial.)

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Ambient/Electronica/Downtempo/Drum and Bass music. Puts me me to sleep lol. I love that stuff. Soothing. I got hooked on it when I had XM Radio. Me likey.

My bengals lost today, with a last minute fumble turning the ball over to the seahawks at the last minute.

I need to lose some weight. I will be getting my ass up in the morning to start exercising. Not looking forward to it, but I also don’t look forward to weighing 500 pounds when I’m forty. Exercise sucks less than obesity.

I do wish I could afford to go to the gym though. I prefer that to walking around the neighborhood. But I be poor, so I have no choice.

My ipod is good for that though. I need to get a workout playlist though.

Dad is having a lot of seizures. Today we had to give him the harsh sedative again. But this is only one bad day after three or four good ones, his prognosis looks better.

Simpsons is back in form. It was pretty weak last season, but the premier is pretty nice.

More later.

Peace of Christ


1 Response to “Time for another personal longwinded mumblefest.”

  1. 1 giantspaceamoeba September 24, 2007 at 8:29 am

    “We get everything first”

    Not Doctor Who 😛

    But then again i’m likely to have missed most episodes and see it even after YOU GUYZ.

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