Carpal Tunnel

I’ve got carpal tunnel and I’m a gamer, which really does bring up a quandry. I like to game, but I sometimes get some pain in my hand and wrist when playing button intensive games like Tony Hawk. I have found the problem does not come up as much when playing less intensive games like football games or Halo (yes believe it or not, halo is pretty light on the button mashing, most of the controls deal with the analog sticks and the triggers.). It is more in my left hand/wrist/arm than my right, but it too can get get a bit achy.

The pain is usually not intense, and something I can ignore fairly easily. I occasionally take Ibuprofen when the pain gets a little stronger than usual, but that is fairly rare.

I am worried that the gaming may be bad for my hands, but I really love to do it.

I wonder what I should do…..


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