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Life in general

Dad’s seizures are up and down, good days and bad. That’s better than the last few months when essentially everyday was bad.

I found a loophole where I can get free xbox live gold.

Um. My brother occasionally makes me lattes with an espresso machine he bought for 15 bucks. It was a floor model. Good stuff.

Went for a fat ass walk yesterday. Gonna do it again today too. But I’m gonna wait for all this rain to go away.

Congressman Thrashes president…. Nutbar

Utterly ridiculous! Yes you may either agree or disagree with the war, but to actually believe that the president is sadistically enjoying the death of the Soldiers in Iraq is utterly insane.

Seriously, to my liberal friends, please put a leash on your leaders. They are getting out of control and you need to discipline them.

Radiohead releases new album, name your own price

I know, I know this is old news, but for anyone who is interested, Radiohead (who I never listened to before now) has released a new album, and it is availiable at their website for whatever price you choose to pay, including nothing.

MUSICALLY its catchy so far, but for those of you who are careful about lyrics, I havn’t listened closely enough to say whether or not you’d find it appropriate, nor have I read them.

But I like it and it will probably end up on my ipod here soon.



Coffee and sleepiness

I have noticed that although coffee gives me a buzz…. I am still tired, “Underneath”.

weird huh?


Someone called me politically correct today. *Spits out coffee*

You can guess which posts are by me.