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I can’t find a theme.

Partially due to the fact that my writing is schizophrenic. Yes the sharp, dark sober themes may work when I’m ranting about some political stunt or rambling on about some random theological concept that I’ve got tangled in my brain, but it makes my silly/fun/meaningless posts look….. i dunno strange.

But if I use a Lighter theme, it has the same effect on my more serious crap…..



youtube debate, who were asking the questions?>

Hmm, i wonder how many conservative vloggers asked questions at the democratic debate?

Malkin Liveblogs CNN debate

Killing our Babies for mother earth.

If this weren’t so disgusting it would be laughable! You are killing a life, a life that is a natural part of the ecosystem in order to protect the ecosystem.

I frankly am not sure she killed her innocent, wonderful, little child just because of the environment. She may just be a selfish monster and made up an excuse for her murder. But whether she is lying, or telling the truth, some activist freak is gonna follow suit.

And not only is it disgusting, its illogical. If global warming is true, and it is as dangerous and immenent as they say it is, would it not be better to bring MORE BRAINS into the world to work toward the solution?

How do you know that “product of conception” will not someday find the key to the problem?


Just kidding, I ask her to make me update lol.

Not a happy blog entry though. Car Broken down, poor, and waiting till january till we can get it fixed with Financial aid money.

Well, some happy. I will probably be getting a new computer in a month or so. And SOMETHING TO DO. Man, I am so glad I can do school in  amonth. A year now with no job or school, i’m in boredom hell, looking forward to having a goal.

Got my xbox back yesterday.

More interesting blog later today or tomorrow, I need ideas, this is just a blurb.

Too far


There is a difference between protest and outright blocking our military from doing its job. These have become military combatants and should be arrested as such.

Bananas in pajamas

I couldn’t figure out what to blog about today, but I am bound and determined to write about something on a fairly regular basis.

So I asked a friend of mine for a topic. She responded, in her usual whimsical/psychotic manner, “Pajamas, Bananas in pajamas”.

The question I have to ask is this, why do bananas need pajamas? Frankly, they spend all of their child lives hanging out on a tree totally naked? What is it about leaving the tree and becoming and adult that suddenly makes them shameful? Seriously, I’m the type of person who likes clothes, nudists are weird, but frankly, if you’ve grown up naked outside on a tree, why do you SUDDENLY start dressing for bed?

That, and what is the purpose for Pajamas anyway? I personally wear regular clothes to bed. By bed I mean the futon on the living room. Yes i have a bed and a bedroom, but the living room is where i tend to pass out.

Passing out infront of adult swim on cartoon network is fun. FAMILY GUY!!!!!


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