Shattering the silence of my hitherto quiet blog

I know, kind of a dramatic title huh? Frankly all it means is that I am posting again. I do take hiatuses from Blogging sometimes, but I never plan to fully stop. So, occasionally you will hear nothing for a while, and then see one of these posts proclaiming my triumphant return.

In reality, I know my blog is very small and i only have a handful of readers (sometimes a smaller handful if i don’t post for a while), but there are people who read up, and I like to keep them posted.

Multiple things to discuss today, some important, some less so.

First of all, to my anonymous most faithful reader ;), I have but one thing to say.

((\V/)) € |0
My auntie (not that one L) is in the hospital with cervical cancer. Prayers appreciated for those of you who pray. I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that it may be systemic, but I am not sure. She’s my father’s sister and he is having a hard time, pray for him as well. And their mother Jackie.

On a MUCH MUCH less important note, my xbox is broken. Been playing a lot of PS2. I feel guilty even mentioning this after the cancer news.

Um. I’m s tarting school in january, for REAL this time. Excited.


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