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YAY, a non malkin Link!!

How Christian, Innovate on the Ancient faith, change the doctrine we have held dear, and then screw those who disagree.



I started a new School blog

Keeping track of my schoolwork, and maybe my due dates.

I may or may not post my papers.

Bhutto killed by lunatics.

Oh dear God, another sane logical voice silenced by the howling mob of mad-dog foaming at the mouth lunatics.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy +



So instead i’ll just talk about everything and nothing.

Ever notice how the people who trumpet how tolerant and open minded they are, are a lot of the time closeminded (excuse my french) assholes?

I’m tired of people (especially on the internet) accusing me of being closeminded, because i won’t accept Their version of things! If you are open minded, aren’t you supposed to understand that there are several ways to look at things, and that other people may have things to offer coming from a different perspective?

“I cannot TOLERATE inTOLERANT people!”



Mom made stuffed shells on Christmas, Kick… ass.

I love those things

Ooh, and you know what? I want lasagna. Ooh, and Chinese.

Kung Pow Chicken.

Mom’s gonna make a post Christmas cheesecake today. I need to go for a walk later…. 😛

Just cause its FREAKIN COOL

I thought it was the other Queen


Me Life as it currently stands.

Still frustrating, but not agonizingly so. I still don’t have a job, I am still waiting to get back to school, i still rarely get out of the house, the house is still small, the car is STILL down, we are STILL tight on money etc. But I’ve grown up dealing with frustrations like these, so its nothing i can’t handle.

What is frustrating though is being around my family 24/7. Yes, I love my family, I am grateful for the care my parents have shown me growing up, and the companionship my brother has given me. But I’m this close to torching the place.

They aren’t bad people, they are just people. We are Stuck in a fairly small house together constantly. Until the car is fixed (january) we have nothing to do… besides grate on each others nerves. The little every day stresses that define everyday life, seem to be exponentially more annoying in this claustrophobic situation. If you’ve done it you know.


Well i am going to be starting school in january, that will give me somewhere to focus my efforts. I NEED somewhere to focus my efforts. Wandering through life for the last year with nothing to do has driven me MAD.

(that reminds me real quick, how long have i known you L?)

Its getting to the point, that the things i love to do, are boring.

Videogames? Been there done that!

Guitar? Fun for a few minutes.

TV? Eh.

Surfing the net? I guess that’s the most fun thing i do now.

I have been exercising. Walking around the park daily, trying to get in shape. It can be head clearing, with some good music and good weather.

Its not all bad. just a little frustrating.

Oh yeah, i have new pics.


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