So instead i’ll just talk about everything and nothing.

Ever notice how the people who trumpet how tolerant and open minded they are, are a lot of the time closeminded (excuse my french) assholes?

I’m tired of people (especially on the internet) accusing me of being closeminded, because i won’t accept Their version of things! If you are open minded, aren’t you supposed to understand that there are several ways to look at things, and that other people may have things to offer coming from a different perspective?

“I cannot TOLERATE inTOLERANT people!”



Mom made stuffed shells on Christmas, Kick… ass.

I love those things

Ooh, and you know what? I want lasagna. Ooh, and Chinese.

Kung Pow Chicken.

Mom’s gonna make a post Christmas cheesecake today. I need to go for a walk later…. 😛


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