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Whoooooo A crazy week.

First of all, my uncle Jim came over to visit. That was Great! I absolutely loved him being here, he is insanely fun.

Secondly, because i spent all my time hanging out with him, i’ve been sorta scrambling to get my coursework caught up. Its not out of hand, but it does take some effort lol.

Lately i’ve been jamming out to two very different bands, Pink Floyd and the O.C. Supertones.

More later.

Hey WZ


I actually have to do a blogpost FOR my school, not just about it haha.

Yes, believe it or not, one of my assignments is to review a school resource on a blog or on the class bulletin board. Well, i figured, i had two blogs, one to show off school assignments, and one personal, so i’ll post this on both.

I am reviewing Perdue university’s O.W.L. guide on writing numbers. Honestly, i hate to admit this, I was not familiar with the fact that there were Rules for writing numbers! Makes me wonder about the quality of our highschool education haha.

The Guide does a decent job of explaning the rules of writing numbers for those of us who were “sick the day they taught it.” 😛 The Guide gives a very clear description of how to avoid mixing up your numbers, and examples of the proper, and improper way, of writing those numbers, whether they be in numeral or text. I learned that in mixing up both written numbers and numerals…. that I had been breaking a grammatical rule. I will be avoiding that in the future. 😛

Religion and Fundementalism

Are not synonymous terms.

What is inspiring this, my newest of rants, is a post on another blog.

In the post and in the comments they seem to use the term fundy and Christian synonymously. As if we were all the stereotypical “Dont think, don’t doubt, don’t ask questions” fundementalism.

Have these people never heard of theologians? Christian Mystics? The Great Literary Tradition (including pagan and political areligious works) we’ve preserved in our monastaries? Do they realize that We created the concept of the University?

Yes, there are some ignorant people who choose not to think. But we, Christendom, as a whole have done our fair share of thinking and deliberating.

School Started officially yesterday

I have been reading my texts and working on some of the more basic assignments for a week now, but as of yesterday, monday the 7th…. I am back in reality.

Actually it is, even though frustrating, a good thing. I need a goal again. I need something to work toward. Wasting around the house all day was driving me insane…. as my more active readers will tell you 🙂

Although good, it is of course annoying. Less time to do the things i want to do, and more time spent doing the things i HAVE to do 😛 I know i know, I sound whiney… but well…. all college students sound whiney.

My Business Class is facinating, well, at least the textbook is. He hasn’t sent us any lectures or worknotes yet, so i don’t know if his stuff will be as facinating as the text. I do have an overall interest in the subject.

Geh, today i took a day off of the computer (well i obviously am on, but not nearly as much as most days). Sorry for the lack of warning L.

A Friend, H, is having a rough time, she won’t say what about but anonymous prayers are still prayers. (Atheists send warm fuzzies).

Geh, more tomorrow, i’m gonna update my school blog now.

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This is a wonderful explanation of how i view the difference between Islam and Christianity, he says it better than I could.

The original can be found here.

the truth is you won’t get peace at all in any real sense no matter what you say.

words will not bring peace with Islam. “Understanding” will not bring peace with Islam.

Whenever anyone talks about the violent nature of Islam, invariable a parade of Christian agression is trotted out to show that there really is no difference between islam and Christianity.
This is nothing more than spin, even if it is honestly beleived.

First, certainly there have been plenty of Christians down through the ages who have been violent. However, their actions have always been in direct contradiction to the teaching of the historic faith and the Church.

If you look at real history instead of the revisionist propaganda that is passed off for it in the west today, you will find that the Church worked for almost its entire existence to restrict war in practical terms and to condemn violence.

The crusades are a good example of the supremely hypocritical nature of modern “history”. The crusades are routinely lifted up as the great example of Christian aggression and bigotry.
In fact, before the 1st Crusade was launched in 1096, there were over 400 years of constant Islamic war on Christendom. For 400 years Islam had constantly waged war on Christian lands, steadily conquering and forcing the conversion of thousands, probably millions of Christians. All of North Africa, all of Syria, Lebenon, and Judea, all of Turkey, and most of spain. All were Christian lands conquered by 400 years of constant islamic aggression.

As early as the 8th century, Muslims had already invaded France and but for Charles Martel probably would have overrun europe.

Christians in Europe were very conscious of two facts, #1 their brothers all around the mediteranian were being enslaved and persecuted.
#2 they themselves faced immanent danger of conquest

For a long time before there was ever a Crusade Christian leaders in europe had debated the question of whether they should wage war to support their Christian brothers against Islamic aggression, and whether their duty to Christian brothers required this of them and whether this idea could be reconciled to the pacifistic nature which had heretofore prevailed within the Church.

The Crusades were a response to 400 years of conquest, aggression, and persecution.

Another common aspect of the anti-christian distortion common in the current telling of history is how Islam’s record of persecuting non-islamic populations under their rule is downplayed while persuection by the Church is emphasized.

I can remember being taught more than once in the course of my history studies how it was often much better for Christians to live under Islamic rule than under other Christian leaders etc.
Ignoring of course the fact that their churches were either burnt down, or converted to mosques, had their rights revoked, were subjected to oppressive taxes, having their livelihood either severly restricted or destroyed. Of course thats not counting any of the normal discrimination that goes with being an under-class having essentially no legal standing and no rights.

If you would like to buy into the image of the tolerant muslim, you should really talk to some of the few remaining adherents of Zoarastrianism, who have been nearly exterminated by centuries of Islamic persuection. Then of course there are the Christians who live under persecution to this day in Islamic countries across the globe.

Which raises another ironic point of the propaganda tripe that tries to compare Islam to Christianity. Whenever Christianity is maligned for violence or social ills such as slavery, you have to go back centuries. Yet those very same things are going on in Islam to this very day.

Which brings us around to the real crux of the issue. Violence, war, oppression, have occured within Christianity, yet they run counter to Christian teaching, and the vast majority of Christian history has been one of opposing these things and trying to mitigate them as much as possible.
We are told today that “orthodox” Islam opposes these things as well.. but we are usually never told this by orthodox muslims. We are told it by politicians, and occasionally by westernized, humanist muslims who would be despised by most of their orthodox muslim cousins around the world.

Yet despite this claim, the actual fact is that the vast majority of the history of Islam has been war. Their religion has always been spread by war and is to this day spread by war.
Whats more, this is NOT contrary to the teaching of orthodox Islam, it is actually completely in line with it, and even required by it. Orthodox Islam teaches and has taught since its birth that it is a sin for an Islamic ruler to make peace with non-islamic nations except under circumstances where it is advantagous to have peace temporarily because war would be unsuccessful.

This is not some little radical sect’s doctrine, it is what orthodox islam has taught and practiced for hundreds of years.

There are two stark practical differences between Christianity and Islam that stand out in my mind and both are based on observation of fact, not rhetoric and propaganda.

#1 – When someone affronts Christianity, our response as a community ranges from ignoring it, to making a public statement that we regret such unpleasentness, to at the very worst from the more radical extreme characters like the late Jerry Falwell, a dire yet vague warnings that such blasphemies will result in judgement upon us as a people.
When Islam is affronted, their response as a community is at minimum to jail the offender, amid resounding calls for their death, added to this, just for good measure, are the riots around the world and lynch mobs which kill random innocents who may in some way be linked ideologically, or socially to the offender.

#2 – a group of common every day Christians today talk about the wrongs of our past, even after a 1000 years have transpired and discuss appologizing for whatever we have done that may have incited muslims to hate us and kill us. If the crusades are ever mentioned, or thought of, they are seen as the relics of a time when Christianity had a misguided image of us vs. them and indulged their unfortunate prejudices and bigotries to a tragic degree.

a group of similar group of muslims talk about restoring the glory of Islam, taking back any land that Islam has lost and they tell stories about their ancestors who did glorious deeds slaying Christians during the crusades.

Why Atheists Suck

I know I know. I preach respect and fairness and all that. And I do believe it. But occasionally, I ask a very fond friend of mine, for blog topics…. and she told me….. to write……..

“Why Atheists Suck”. I found this odd as she herself is an atheist…. So i figured hmm….

Why don’t i write, not about how atheists as a WHOLE suck…. cause not all do… but rather, why INTERNET ATHEISTS suck.

You know the type. The know it all, me vs. the world, Religion is the worst thing to happen to the world nutbars. The ones who claim they want the abolition of religion for the sake of the world.
Well, here’s why they suck.

1) Many of them are kids.

Seriously, how can a 15 year old make such a decision? Theologians/Philosophers/Scientists have been debating this topic into their old age for millenia, and some 15 year old punk who can’t even work out a three step equation is mocking much older and wiser people for holding to theism.

2) They are never wrong.

It is inconcievable to an internet atheist that someone can be both intellegent and disagree with them. They believe (admittedly subconsciously) that they are so intellegent that to disagree with their interpretation of facts makes someone a fool. They make the claim that to be theistic is the same as believing in santa or The easter bunny. Geniuses often are theists. I’ve never heard of a Genius who believed in santa.

3. They are illogical.

Remember, i’m talking about internet message board atheists.

They tell us “If God exists, prove it”. They assume of course that all things that exist are detectable to fallible and limited human minds. We are an intellegent species, but we are not omnipotent.

They ask us “If God Created everything who created God” implying that it is illogical for something to exist without a source. But they themselves believe the same thing. If all things are material, and matter cannot be destroyed or generated only converted into energy, what generated matter?

4. They Think science is infinite.

It is not. Science is only applicable to understanding certain aspects of the physical world. Use science to teach me what music is. Use science to tell me why Adolf Hitler was an evil man.

Science is VERY USEFUL in understanding the material world. But our World is more than material.

5. They assume Christians hate science. We do not hate science we simply say that it is limited, as any intellegent person, theist or atheist, will tell you. .

More later, I’m rambling.

Hi L.

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i set i up so all these blog posts also post to facebook.

Hi facebook peoples.


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