School Started officially yesterday

I have been reading my texts and working on some of the more basic assignments for a week now, but as of yesterday, monday the 7th…. I am back in reality.

Actually it is, even though frustrating, a good thing. I need a goal again. I need something to work toward. Wasting around the house all day was driving me insane…. as my more active readers will tell you 🙂

Although good, it is of course annoying. Less time to do the things i want to do, and more time spent doing the things i HAVE to do 😛 I know i know, I sound whiney… but well…. all college students sound whiney.

My Business Class is facinating, well, at least the textbook is. He hasn’t sent us any lectures or worknotes yet, so i don’t know if his stuff will be as facinating as the text. I do have an overall interest in the subject.

Geh, today i took a day off of the computer (well i obviously am on, but not nearly as much as most days). Sorry for the lack of warning L.

A Friend, H, is having a rough time, she won’t say what about but anonymous prayers are still prayers. (Atheists send warm fuzzies).

Geh, more tomorrow, i’m gonna update my school blog now.

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