Religion and Fundementalism

Are not synonymous terms.

What is inspiring this, my newest of rants, is a post on another blog.

In the post and in the comments they seem to use the term fundy and Christian synonymously. As if we were all the stereotypical “Dont think, don’t doubt, don’t ask questions” fundementalism.

Have these people never heard of theologians? Christian Mystics? The Great Literary Tradition (including pagan and political areligious works) we’ve preserved in our monastaries? Do they realize that We created the concept of the University?

Yes, there are some ignorant people who choose not to think. But we, Christendom, as a whole have done our fair share of thinking and deliberating.


1 Response to “Religion and Fundementalism”

  1. 1 Thinking Ape January 14, 2008 at 7:13 am

    Feel free to read more than just one article on the blog or else you will simply prove that particular writer right. Not one contributor on that blog equates Christianity with Fundamentalism so careful with the straw men. The post you specifically refer to was, however, dealing a fundamentalist denomination with very little apologetic credibility. The reason we don’t discuss Augustine and Origen is, well, because that Christianity is dead – at least in the United States.

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