I actually have to do a blogpost FOR my school, not just about it haha.

Yes, believe it or not, one of my assignments is to review a school resource on a blog or on the class bulletin board. Well, i figured, i had two blogs, one to show off school assignments, and one personal, so i’ll post this on both.

I am reviewing Perdue university’s O.W.L. guide on writing numbers. Honestly, i hate to admit this, I was not familiar with the fact that there were Rules for writing numbers! Makes me wonder about the quality of our highschool education haha.

The Guide does a decent job of explaning the rules of writing numbers for those of us who were “sick the day they taught it.” 😛 The Guide gives a very clear description of how to avoid mixing up your numbers, and examples of the proper, and improper way, of writing those numbers, whether they be in numeral or text. I learned that in mixing up both written numbers and numerals…. that I had been breaking a grammatical rule. I will be avoiding that in the future. 😛


2 Responses to “I actually have to do a blogpost FOR my school, not just about it haha.”

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