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Vinyl Records and CDs…

I like records. I really really do. I like the big black shiny glossy thing that i put on my turntable. I like setting the needle on the album and watching the music spin as i listen. I like looking at the beautiful full sized artwork on the cover. I even collect records as a hobby.

However, (im about to tick off a lot of audiophiles), cds are vastly superior to Vinyl Records.

There are several reasons.

1) Sound

Audiophiles will tell you that vinyl has better bass response, that it is a more accurate representation of the sound etc. They pull out facts and figures and charts and wavelength graphs etc. But when I compare Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl, and Dark Side of the Moon on Cd….. I’m sorry the cd is simply a much more pleasant sound.

Many argue that because cds employ sampling, that they do not record ALL of the sound. However, the difference is imperceptible. When you put in a cd, you hear NO GAPS. There are small gaps of sound missing on the CD yes, but if i don’t notice them, who the hell cares?

2) Portability:

Where can you listen to a Vinyl Record? On a Record Player.

Where can you listen to a Cd? On a home stereo, in your car, in your pocket, on your computer, on your mp3 player (if you rip it onto a computer).

Also, you can insert digital audio (from cds) into slideshows, home movies, etc.

3) Durability.

I get some dirt on a CD, i wipe it off with a damp cloth and its good as new.

I get some dirt on a vinyl record, I HEAR IT MAKING A TERRIBLE SCRATCHING NOISE ON THE NEEDLE every single revolution.

I scratch a cd, usually it makes no difference. If its a moderate scratch, it may skip, in which case i fill in the crack with a product i can get at walmart for 5 bucks, let it dry, and good as new. If the scratch is irreparable, i just burn another copy off of my computer (if i was smart i backed up all my music on my hard drive) onto a blank disk that i can get 50 for 5 bucks on sale at Staples.

I scratch a Record, at best I get an annoying pop, at worst i get “the broken record effect” where the song repeats itself over and over again at the scratch.

If I’m buying new Music that i don’t already own, i always buy the cd (or download it from Itunes.) I buy records AFTER i own the cd.

From someone who loves vinyl as much as the next guy……




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