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Trying out a new font

I found this cool font on and i’m gonna try it out as i update.


I’m having some decent chicken for dinner. C made it. He’s quite the little chef. But he never reads his brother’s blog so he’ll never know i secretly complimented him.


A is having a hard time with a breakup. Prayers for her would be appreciated.


I haven’t heard from T for a while, but its common for him to disappear from the internet for weeks at a time, so not a big deal, i’m sure he’s fine.


The New Halo Maps are finally free on Xbox live, i’ll definitely be downloading them tonight.


Im having a hard time with a boss in Final Fantasy X. I can’t beat the third form of Seymour. I’ve tried using reflect spells to beat his zombie heal combo, but its not working.


Speaking of Zombies i’ve been neglecting the zombie Guide. I need to dig back in. You never know when the zombies will rise 😛


Oh, my predictably unpredictably predictable life.

Wrap your mind around that one 😉

school has been dragging. I am confident that i am going to pass and all that good stuff, but it just goes on and on and on. and ive been sorta behind since the beginning of the Semester, and i just feel bleh about it.

L has been fun recently. She’s been in a good mood and we’ve been goofing around alot. I like that, she has a wicked sense of humor.

I’ve been learning a lot about A and what she faces. A is also fun, but in a different way than L. I’m glad i met her.

I’ve slipped on my exercise routine twice this week. I shall flagellate myself and get back on the horse. I shall lose this weight. It shall happen.

I’m reading a hilarious book recommended by L. “The zombie survival Guide”. Its written as an actual survival guide like you’d get from the boyscouts. its a blast.

In my textbook i’m reading a chapter on Pure Competition. In a purely competitive industry (Agriculture being a good example), there are many many firms producing only a fraction of the total output, thus each individual firm is powerless on its own to affect change in the overall market price. The firm is forced to charge based on the market, rather than attempting to manipulate the market through competitive pricing. The individual firm has a perfectly elastic demand.

However when the chapter moves beyond that into managing revenue and cost, i get a bit confused. I’ll look at it again when i have some quiet time.

L, A, and P are all pooheads.

haha, lap, what a neat little acronym for my online buddies.

I like milk.

I like Tea.

I like the chicken salad sandwhiches from Tim hortons.

I like coffee

I like cold coffee.

I’m tired, and sorta confused about some theological wrangling i’ve been going through.



I know a woman personally, who is such a militant atheist, she teaches her children that Easter, The Holiest day of the Christian Year, is Zombie Day. The kids jump around laughing and joking about “Zombie Day, Zombie Day”.

These kids are not even Teenagers, and they are mired in intolerance to a large group of people. painful.

The Blessed Christ.

Tomorrow Morning the Entire Christian world will Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. We will commemerate that Day with praise and literal shouts of Joy. Our Salvation has been wrought on Calvary and has been Gloriously Confirmed on that Holy Sunday!

Death and Hell have been shattered. Death has no power over us! Though our bodies shall fade away, our reality shall live on in the Presence of our Father.

This is the center of the Christian Life. This Sacrifice, and this Resurrection. We commemorate in it, and share in its blessings every Time we Celebrate the Sacrament, Let us Celebrate it even more Joyously on this day that we have set aside.


Windows Live Writer

Its a blog tool I use to write these blogs. Its really facinating. I just now downloaded it on my new vista machine and its just as useful as it ever was.

The main advantage i think, is that i can simply click windows live writer in my start menu and just start writing. I don’t have to go to, sign in, choose the blog, click new post etc. Its just easier.

Btw, as requested…. L is not really in love with the queen. She is a republican and i was just goofing.

I took a personality test thingy, and i got hooked on Final Fantasy games.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

hehe, i never know how accurate those things really are, but i like taking them.
Friends who occasionally check this wasteland of a blog. Is this at all accurate?

I have been, and am currently at this second playing, Final Fantasy X.

I worry sometimes about where my mind is headed.

Another random thought…

and another.

L is in love with the Queen. She thinks the queen is swell! She thinks all good britons should pay a tax and swear loyalty to the queen. Hasn’t the queen done so much good for the english people? 😛

I don’t know

I don’t know what to write here. Its been a long time since i posted, and shit has happened, but i don’t feel too inspired.

I used to be a fountain of information. Now… im sluggish, tired and drained. College will do that!

I don’t know what to write, what to do, what to think, how to feel eh….

I will post more. Just update for the sake of update.

Yo ho ho L.


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