Stupid title that expresses my randomness, boredom, frustration, artistic ideals, philosphical political crap or whatever.

(BTW, I am continuing to try new fonts. Please, the few of you who actually read this obscure little page, let me know what you think.)

My Titles blow really. I mean i try pretty hard to be creative, but really this is a personal blog written by an accounting student (how much boring of a lifeplan can you have), about his boring life, frustrations ideas and philosophies. It may be SOMEWHAT entertaining to those who know me, but really who cares if the titles are creative 😛

(Wonders why he even wrote that first paragraph)

(realizes that i just sorta ramble in these things just to get words down)

(internal monologue is boring)

(I really want pizza rolls)

(Gotta stick with the diet)

(realizes this stupid internal thought gag really isn’t all that funny.)

(Ooh seven is quite hot)

I dont’ know how A is doing about the breakup. I hope she’s alrighty. She seems pretty strong. 

L is kinda doing as she does. A little reserved but not at all bad. She’s doing okay.

C is alright, just day to day.

I havn’t heard from P in a while. But not a big deal really he’s fine.

Heard from T today, we talked computers and junk. He sent me a song he likes, i didn’t listen lol. I am a bad friend lolz.

I find commercials where inanimate objects dance around a kitchen. quite creepy.

I have been stuck in this stupid economics chapter on Purely competitive industries for almost a week now. The damn words just don’t make any sense.

Geh, economics blows.


2 Responses to “Stupid title that expresses my randomness, boredom, frustration, artistic ideals, philosphical political crap or whatever.”

  1. 1 L April 1, 2008 at 10:22 am

    Make your fonts a little smaller and my headaches might disappear. Thus, i’m less likely to destroy you with mah laz0rz.

  2. 2 A April 3, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    beware of her lazorz

    *hugs and warm fuzzies*

    Guess I am strong, thank you 😀

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