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Its not the post i promised.

But what do you expect, its the end of one trimester and the beginning of another. I’ll get around to writing about it. Instead I can ramble about my life as it stands.

As I said my trimester end and beginning is squished together horridly, so I’m feeling the heat on that. Im annoyed and idgety, but i have an anxiety disorder so that is to be expected.  (for some reason i expect L to be rolling her eyes at that, she doesn’t like when people label people and disorders). I just wish i could get some relief.
On the opposite end of the worry spectrum i’m considering getting a job. Fuck it i want money. But should i do it? That will add both stress (time) and relief (money) so i’m stuck. I dunno if it will be worth it or not but I’ll keep you all (both of you) updated.
I’m pissed off that Higgs2 still has me on ignore. My feelings are honestly hurt. she goes on and on about tolerance and understanding, but for some reason she has decided I’m not worth tolering. Hypocrite.
Of course we are all hypocrites, so in a way calling someone a hypocrite is hypocritical (that children is what we call a paradox) (I know its not L, don’t correct me)
A had a hard time at a club tonight. Assholes couldn’t accept her as her. Whether or not they accept her as a woman, can’t they just be decent to people? do we have to be dicks to people who disagree with us? Fuckem.
I need to control my language, but i don’t know how to express frustration.

I’m hooked on Castlevania. L, I didn’t Buy GTA, cause i decided it wasn’t worth the guilt. Last week my obsession was FF, now its castlevania. Damn fleeting desires.

I am thinking about Burnout paradise.

I am up and down on my diet, some days i have incredible self control, other days i stress eat. Im inconsistant. MUST FIX SELF.

I am a theistic evolutionist, I get shit from both atheist and theist alike.



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