Sort of a crazy day

I had a sort of stress meltdown today around 1:00. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. perhaps i feel my life is standing still. Yes, admittedly, I’m doing school and earning a degree, but i feel no progress. I get up in the morning, i do what i do, i go to bed, and nothing has changed. I love my friends, i love my family, but I feel like its all the same.

Im not too depressed, i mean im doing it all, im just bleh.

I do have a bit of money coming to look forward to. I am excited about that. I’m buying L and A something each, I already know what im getting teh L, but A is a bit more difficult to buy for as i don’t know her as well yet.That, and she doesn’t EVER DROP ANY HINTS. 😛 She told me to get hello kitty, but considering Hello Kitty is on everything from CD players, to videogames, to dolls to chess sets, she hasn’t partiularly narrowed the search. I’ll find something

I might just replace my PS2. I definitely will try to buy a wii. That is…. if i can get my hands on one.

Im sleeeepy lately too.

Shit, chloe is whining to get out. She can piss on the grass in a minute. I’m enjoying teh rant.

I changed my graphics on my computer to windows classic. Its a mood thing, i’ll eventually get tired of this and go back to Aero, but… i just occasioanlly get in the mood for something else.


1 Response to “Sort of a crazy day”

  1. 1 oceanangel May 31, 2008 at 7:36 pm


    I did mention a certain item with a certain blue cat 😛

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