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So shut the hell up.

School, tired, no sleep, friends bleh


Money coming soon.

Toys for friends are likely.

im failing accounting

I am gonna give it a few more days, but i may just withdraw and take it next semester in person.



Shit, i was freaking out over nothing

I was freaking out about my school and i have been spending all day in my book. Well, it turns out that this shit isn’t’ due till next week

The worst part is, i got in a little spat with a friend of mine (nameless and even initialless) because we are keeping each other honest on our diet and exercise programmy thingy, and i thought i couldnt’ go for my walk. Friend got annoyed and called me fat boy and accused me of making excuses. I got pissed fired stuff back cause i thought my school was urgent.

Turns out its not. I’ll go work out now, but now friend is pissed at me because friend thinks im making excuses and half assing it.

Im both frustrated and freaking out a little.


Anyway, im gonna stop for the night, because i apparently can afford to, go for my walk and get a shower.
Friend, sorry i was an ass.

A looks pretty in make up, honestly pretty, not something i ever thought i’d say.

L is always pretty, but she’s stubborn and won’t accept it. Also, she has the house to herself and I’m envious đŸ˜›

P is fun, but i don’t know him as well as i’d like to. I should talk to him more.

According to A her friend C is having a hard time, i worry about her even though i’ve never spoken to her.

damn today sucked. All day in a book for nothing. Little time with friends and part of it was a mini argument.

Eh, whatever, tomorrow will be better and my next blog post will be less whiney.
On the plus side my money should come in next week.

The next president has been nominated

I’ve said from the beginning that Bush has damaged the Republican Party in the eyes of the American people so badly, that the winner of the Democratic primary would win the election. Well, it appears our next president will be Barack Obama.
I don’t know if I believe Barack Obama will be a good president or a bad one, I will have to do more research before i can say what i think conclusively.

However i will make one comment. I listened to his acceptance speech. And I don’t get how this guy can convince people he’s going to change anything. EVERY candidate claims they are going to change. EVERY candidate claims they are going to sweep out the former administration’s corruption.

Stop saying THAT you will change things, tell us HOW you will change things.

Say change at least  40 times in a speech and you’ll make a good nominee it seems.






“The sinner who feels within himself a total deprivation of all that is holy, pure, and solemn
because of sin, the sinner who in his own eyes is in utter darkness, severed from the hope of salvation,
from the light of life, and from the communion of saints, is himself the friend whom Jesus invited to
dinner” -Matthew the Poor


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