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Tell me what to blog about next #1

I do enjoy spouting off on whatever topic is on my mind that day, usually things from my own life, but occasionally bigger….

But I wanna start a game. Occasionally I’ll ask whoever reads this blog (Two regulars and an occasional passer-by) to pick my next topic for me.

It can be anything, Serious or goofy, personal or nonpersonal, Religious, political or whatever. It could even be chipmunks if  you want. I’ll look at the comments and choose whichever one i prefer.

I do reserve the right to reject one if i find it objectionable… but im pretty lenient about that sort of thing 😛



A is officially back….

and as fun as ever.

She and i had a voice chat a few minutes ago. Her headset was not functioning properly, and hilarity ensued.

Then she linked me to a store offering a doremon vibrator….. the japanese confuse me….

You can read about her exploits in Brighton in the lovely little isle of Great Brittain…. (waits for L to strangle me) here.

The last day or so has been dry blogging wise, but i’ve been busy doing stuff to fix up the house, painting and all that.

I freaked myself out the other day by screaming “Shut up you bloody dog” (or something to that effect) at Chloe the other day. Its too much exposure to the tea lovers…

Must club a seal while driving an SUV to the baseball game where i’ll take a powernap in the american flag before i go terminal…..

Bone Crushing Boredom

I haz it.

Completely unfair


Really? We should judge an entire group of people because of the actions of one nutbar?

Another example of political blogs being airheads

I Must Own This!!!!!!



Changing up the look of the place

I’ve started with a pic of myself as the header. Those generic headers really sorta blow. I’m gonna play around a bit more though, give this place more of a taste of me (fair warning). General Templates are cool, but they lack personality, especially when you run across a completely different type of blog that looks exactly like yours.

In other news its the last two weeks of the term in my school and i am feeling the pressure. I always put some assignments off and end up having to do them at the last minute. Of course as we all know, i am procrastinating as we speak.

I’ve pissed off a nameless friend. I annoyed them with my usual neurotic worrying. I know they have to make their own choices, but i never figured someone would be so pissed because i worry about them, isn’t that what friends are for anyway….

I miss A. I miss A twice as that is the deal.

L seems a bit stressed lately.

P and I pokemon battled yesterday. It was sweet. I know its supposedly a kiddy game, but screw whoever says that, its a blast. (Up playing last night was probably the inspiration for that last post.

I’ve been really getting into downtempo electronic music. Soooothing. Closest i’ve gotten or will get to getting high lol. It calms me.

Still digging the stripes though.


I have to wonder about the current politics going on now though. I have to decide between a rhetoric spewing, inexperienced newcomer, and a hard to read, bland clone. I guess mccain entices me with the promise of Nuclear. But I’m not sure that’s enough really. My first presidential election is a lose lose. YAY FOR ME.

I think i’ll have one of those lime cactus beers tonight. Those things are nice. The lime sort of overwhelms the actual beer flavor, but its still nice.

I’m taking a class in person next term. It will be nice to get out more. I’m also hoping to fix up that car and buy it from mom. That would be ubersweet.

Ah well, i must cease my procrastination and get something done.

My Cat the Pokemon

Have you ever been delusional in the middle of the night? I wake up perfectly sound with all my “faculties” but sometimes in the middle of the night i am utterly confused.

Well, last night, for some odd reason, my cat was a pokemon. He had powers and stuff. And i was thinking about the differences between my powered cat and my normal non powered dog. It was weird.


No i’m not insane, other people have told me they have experienced similar states of confusion in the dead of night.


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