I’ve always sorta kinda wanted to be a writer

I know, I’m not very good at it, and i am wise to persue another form of employment (which i am doing). However, for as long as i can remember, the idea of forming worlds, creating stories, sharing ideas in clear ways, has always enthralled me.

I’ve wanted to create stories like the ones i read in my favorite books, I’ve wanted to express myself in an interesting way that other people actually would like to read. I’ve wanted to create with symbols. Even physically writing with a pen and paper is fun for me.

However, as i said earlier, i’m not as good as i would like to be. I am a functional, and even somewhat skilled non-narrative writer, but I lack creativity. I am good at analyzing, but not making. I am good at soaking up information but not creating it. Hell, i just made the mistake of repeating several words (Create, make), very rookie.

I guess that’s why I blog. Its not as satisfying as having a book or poem published, but it is something.  It is a place where i can create what i want, say what i want, think what i want, and have a small (very small) circle of friends read and communicate back.

I think i want to play with this more than i have been. I’ve been doing very little, basic “here i am” stuff, but as you can see i’ve been putting a little bit more thought and effort into my blogging lately. Maybe i should continue on that route. I would definitely like to.

1 Response to “I’ve always sorta kinda wanted to be a writer”

  1. 1 elena July 25, 2008 at 9:06 am

    I can totally relate! šŸ™‚

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