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I misseth mah friends

I talk often wif the A, but i hath not seen the L.

*slaughters her griffon*


I went to the gym today

Got a nice workout, felt great the rest of the day. I do like working out, thing is though i prefer doing it in a gym and with gas prices its not always feasible to get to the gym as often as I’d like to. I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it. Go out and do it.

They have good coffee there too.

My loans have been applied to my school bill, but I havn’t got the grants yet. I still owe about a thousand bucks, but i think the grants will take care of that.

I’m sending in my ds cause the dpad is acting up a bit.

I wonder what southpark is on tonight. OOH FUTURAMA.




I really really really really really hate politics

Seriously, Right now I am listening to Hillary Clinton (who I could have voted for), praise and damn near worship Barack Obama, and trash on McCain. That by itself is not unexpected, its common to back the nominee and demonize the opponent. What burns me is not that she’s sticking with her party, but that she is flipping on an earlier statement:

I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And, Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.

It pisses me off, (and the republicans do it too) when people go from calling each other Satan to licking each other’s toes damn near instantaneously. This isn’t a damn sporting event. Stand for real principles, or get out of the damn way. Pick a damn side.

Writer’s Block

LiveJournal (yes i have one, i’ve posted like twice but i have one), has something cool called writer’s block where they give you topics to write on.

I’m doing one.

If you could manipulate the color schemes of nature, what things in nature would you change the color of? What would you change them to?

All potentially dangerous animals/plants/people would be blaze orange.

Oh, yeah… my laptop is back, and its all better *does a dance*

Chess…. amongst other things

But i’m playing a lot of chess. In fact just yesterday I joined and I am absolutely loving it.

Unfortunately however, i’m no damn good 😉

I’ve been digging into my business law class. I am actually enjoying it. It is work and its draining me like most classes, but I am at least enjoying the topic. Today I spent a lot of time on contract law, including the legal rules concerning Offers and Acceptance, which is more complicated, and more simple, than one would think.
For example, do you know that the government can force contractual obligations on someone, even though no contract exists, if one “unjustly benefits” from what the other side believes to be contractual work.

A and L… deserve a mention

oh, and P…

and A again

Oh the Sleepiness

I shall study mah drug to see if that is the problem. All i know is i am ridiculously tired half the time.

I finished my first week of schoolwork earlier today. I’m taking a business law class that starts several weeks before the normal term starts. Fortunately its all i am taking right now, and I’ll only have two classes for the rest of the term when this one ends.

Is my language off, i feel funny.

Talked to L a bit today, yayz.

havn’t seen as much of A recently, I miss her, and i miss the groupchats.

Why won’t the video embeds work?

Two of my posts have been meaningless because the video does’t work. I WANT THE VIDEO TO WORK.


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