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I’m hurting my hands. It’s a compulsion. I twist pens and pencaps and pieces of paper etc, and it is horrible on my Carpal Tunnel.


Anyway, i gotta remember to contact compaq.


My laptop is dying

Well maybe not dying, but I have to send it in. The Screen is not working right. Yesterday i called compaq and they had me reinstall the drivers, but it didn’t work and now its flickering and i can’t get a good image.

I’m typing this from my father’s computer, which he is nice to let me use btw. I will be online less often, but that’s not to ignore my friends obviously. Don’t worry about me getting it fixed, I bought a four year accidental damage warranty (cost me four hundred dollars) stating that they will fix it unless they have evidence that I destroyed it on purpose. I could drop the thing in a bathtub and they’d fix it.

School is wrapping up though. I’m less stressed than i was last night. I’ll try to chat with my friends tonight on the living room computer, but that one is slow as hell so it may not happen.

I think i’ll be using email and blog a lot to communicate for a while. Sorry guys.

You’ll see me on messenger during the day though, cause i’m doing school.

More later.


It gets a slow start but wait till the end, its worth it.