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Time to let some of this shit out.

My Maternal Grandfather is a dick. I am striving to hold on to Christian love and charity, but i find it challenging.

As i wrote, my uncle, my closest non immediate family member, is dead at the ridiculous age of 38. It appears he has died of an accidental gunshot wound to the head while at a hunting cabin with friends. If it were not tragic enough, this wonderful man’s death has brought the disgusting aspects of my mother’s side of the family.

Firstly, the aforementioned penis is refusing to give a funeral or distribute ashes to his surviving sisters. I have no doubt in my mind that he is using my uncle’s corpse as a weapon.

Secondly, Mom’s eldest sister is complicit. She is the only sibling to have regular contact with the phallus. Under the current situation, mom can only go and see the body of her brother before cremation with the cock’s permission, as he has possession of the body. Because the dusty Vagina he married (not my grandmother, but a later piece of tail), won’t let him be a man and answer the phone for himself, mom asked her sister (yes that aunt L) to call for her since they are in contact. She refused to, and eventually yelled “Why can’t you just fucking drop this”. So, the woman will not be hearing from us for a long time.

Hmm. more later.


My Uncle is dead

And I loved him to death. We don’t know exactly what is going on right now, more later. I did love him, but like usual im not feeling much. I am hurting more for those who are hurting around him.

From Oblivion to….. less oblivious

In other words, first serious post in a bit.

Power has been on for a few days now. What I find odd is the MOMENT it came on, the world without juice seemed an eternity away, the real world had returned. (Yes, L will call me a pussy, but IM ADDICTED TO MY JUICE AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT). Primarily because my friends, my connection to the outside world, and hell… even my personal hygiene is dependant on having electricity in the home. (You wouldn’t believe how i smelled). *chokes back puke at the thought*

Unfortunately, i have an assload of school to catch up on because of the missing week. I’ll be able to do it, but i’ll be that antisocial study monster i’m sure everyone is getting sick of. I am however making time every night around 11:00 to read. Right now i’m reading the below mentioned Q-squared, and its definitely fun, if not a little surreal. I am enjoying it, but it seems like a high end fanfic, rather than a full fledged novel. (hopes L doesn’t kill me for that).

Havn’t talked much to A since i came back to the real world, I should amend that.

I am definitely enjoying world of warcraft. I just created yesterday a Night Elf Hunter. I AM ADDICTED TO NIGHT ELF HUNTERS!!!!! I have a human mage, but i’ve barely touched it since i started this character.

Well, i’ve gotta get to teh study.

A. Stay awesome

L. be a little less awesome, you are blinding me.

Reading Qsquared at L’s Suggestion

And i’m already engaged. Q pops in and says “You have no idea how messed up this is”. “:P



GAh, Day 8

over 95% of the state had power

we were at the bottom of the barrel. It turns out it was a damn Blown fuse in the box down the street!!!!!! That’s what our electrician neighbor had been saying all week. They claimed we were on our own server lol. CRAZY. BACK UP YAYZ.

Still in the dark ages

I’m at the library again, charging up the things that keep me sane. I’ve been reading a Hell of a lot of trek books lately (reading book two of the genesis wave series currently) I also have a mirror universe book and a collection of the two Imzadi books.

They say the latest will be Monday night at midnight. I hope we are up sooner. Most of the Park is up except for like ten houses, one of which is mine. So we just shot down again to the bottom of the list.

I’m gonna pay off my library fees today i think. I owe like 40 bucks lol, but wheni  pay my bill i’ll own World War Z lol. Not my intention but i lost the damn book. I’m unorganized lol.

it feels weird to be back on my laptop, i’ve been in nomansland for a while now.

Lubs and cuggles.

I’m in a bloody blackout

Giant patches of the city are without power, and thus, internet. Yesterday (and I kid you not) Hurricane speed winds blew through Columbus and Westerville tearing up the infastructure.

They say it could be a week until some people get power. I may or may not be online within that time, but i’ll tel you guys when i am.

A, I hope things work out with C.

L, I hope you figure things out with D.

I can’t type anymore because i am at the library with my neighbor who was nice enough to drive me down. I don’t want to keep him waiting. Love you guys, I’m safe and God Bless.

*Warm fuzzies for the Heretic*


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