From Oblivion to….. less oblivious

In other words, first serious post in a bit.

Power has been on for a few days now. What I find odd is the MOMENT it came on, the world without juice seemed an eternity away, the real world had returned. (Yes, L will call me a pussy, but IM ADDICTED TO MY JUICE AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT). Primarily because my friends, my connection to the outside world, and hell… even my personal hygiene is dependant on having electricity in the home. (You wouldn’t believe how i smelled). *chokes back puke at the thought*

Unfortunately, i have an assload of school to catch up on because of the missing week. I’ll be able to do it, but i’ll be that antisocial study monster i’m sure everyone is getting sick of. I am however making time every night around 11:00 to read. Right now i’m reading the below mentioned Q-squared, and its definitely fun, if not a little surreal. I am enjoying it, but it seems like a high end fanfic, rather than a full fledged novel. (hopes L doesn’t kill me for that).

Havn’t talked much to A since i came back to the real world, I should amend that.

I am definitely enjoying world of warcraft. I just created yesterday a Night Elf Hunter. I AM ADDICTED TO NIGHT ELF HUNTERS!!!!! I have a human mage, but i’ve barely touched it since i started this character.

Well, i’ve gotta get to teh study.

A. Stay awesome

L. be a little less awesome, you are blinding me.


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