I’m falling in love with the game. I’ve always loved to play, but as i learn and get stronger, I am playing more and more, and loving it more and more. It has been around nearly unchanged for thousands of years and its never been tossed away like so many other games. There is so much variation and strategy involved it just keeeeps going.

I think im going to buy chessmaster for my ds. Unfortunately it does not allow online play but i can do puzzles and play different computer opponents with varying skills and weaknesses. (i read a review lol).

I talked to A today. It was great. She was having difficulty with a friend which really sucks (and I’m DEFINITELY on A’s side in this one) and we chatted about it. Then i talked about faith and forgiveness for a bit, then we went off to play our respective games (I played Team Fortress 2, and A went off to play that awesome game i’ve given up so my hands don’t become shriveled up husks.) I’ve been taking anti inflammatories btw, and they helps.

I didn’t see much of L today. I assume she played a bit of wow. That or she was making out with her Jonny Depp Posters…. or maybe both? I did talk to her a BIT this morning (probably like…10 minutes) so that’s all coo.

I still have the writing bug. This is fun, but i want to create something, not just relay my life.

dad suggested i use his larger keyboard on my computer. What really sucks about this is its helping. Shit, does that mean im getting worse? Does that mean I gotta get more careful? You know, I have these flareups all the time, I should stop worrying. I really need to calm down. All will be fine, it always is.

I have been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2, and chris appears to have gotten hooked by watching me. He’s playing now, and he really seems to be having fun lol. I like the deep strategy in the game. I just wish we XBOX 360 players got the addons and new maps the PC players did. WE are playing it out of box. That sucks because you can update via XBOX LIVE they just havn’t released the feking patch. They Really really really should.

I’m just OCDing i think. About the hands and stuff. I get these flareups all the freakin time, i just had one cause of WOW, and now i’m all worried, NO REASON TO BE.

I found out ENTERPRISE is on SciFi Channel at 5:00 every weekday, that is awesome. I fell asleep yesterday watching one about a Klingon ship in some atmosphere or whatever. I think i have seen it before, not entirely sure.

I like ENTERPRISE, it sucks how hardcore Nerd Trekkies whine about it. FUck continuity, It was awesome.

I, for some reason, cannot reformat my thumbdrive. It is driving me insane. I wish i could. I’ll play with it in a minute see if i can get it to do as it shoulld.

The Battery Life on my Ipod is not as it used to be. Its a couple years old, so obviously these things happen. But I’m No longer under warranty so i can’t get it replaced the old fashioned way. I’m considering (when i get a job) buying a battery kit and changing it, or just replacing it with a fancy shmancy new one. The battery still gets a good few hours of playtime, so its not dead. Its just not what it used to be.

I have been studying Hinduism for school this week. Next week is Buddhism. I am facinated with both religions. I just did a miniproject on gurus, and i think its somewhat cool how Hindu Tradition is passed down Guru to Disciple. its very similar to how Tradition passed in the ancient Church. From Bishop to Disciples, from which came the next bishop.

L made fun of Christianity today, we should lovingly stone her (Just kidding ;))

I think this may possibly be the longest blogpost i have ever written.


4 Responses to “Chess”

  1. 1 a October 12, 2008 at 9:34 am

    I think it is

    Thank you, your support is appreiated

    *stones l*

  2. 2 L October 12, 2008 at 9:40 am

    Shows you weren’t listening. I didn’t make fun of Christianity at all. I was making fun of *you*. You asked why I was laughing, at which blog. So I said your christian one as a joke (Telling you I was laughing at Christians because they suck – playing totally into the ebil atheist role *looks innocent*) 😛 Then told you why I was laughing (at the only blog which I could laugh at which is this one).

    So no, I was actually making fun of one Christian: you. 😛

  3. 3 mathaytacechristou October 12, 2008 at 8:37 pm


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