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*racked with guilt.


My God, the ignorance.

I did not vote for President elect Obama. I did not feel he had the experience to lead the country and I feared that he may make a crucial mistake that could cost us down the line.
But damn, its not the end of the world people. You would be amazed at some of the things i have read on the internet about this guy. Damn.

From some of my fellow Christians, there are the usual claims that he’s the antiChrist, a secret muslim or both. Hell, they are even making up brand new “biblical facts” about the antichrist being a Muslim (even though Islam didn’t exist in A.D. 90 when the last book in the Christian Bible, The Book of Revelation, was penned on Patmos.

I’ve even seen Christians ramble on that This Interview From CNN (showing a hacky “hologram” of a news reporter) is the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy.

And of course they are lamenting things like abortion etc (which i am actually against) as if under the golden umbrella of the Republican party these things would disappear.


Then, from a non religious perspective, we have Conservatives ranting that he’s the end of America, Capitalism etc. He may not be a wise planner, but we’ve had less than stellar presidents in the past. We have survived.

The usual accusations of the losing party about vote fixing are floating around too. Again, i say damnit.

Nifty new braces for mah wristies

I went and bought a set of braces for my wrist, and I can tell you, they do make life easier, especially when using the computer.

More later.