I remember a time in my life, when I began to explore music, and forge my own tastes and stylistic preferences apart from those of my parents. I was in my early to mid teens, and I found identity in my music.

Granted like most people that age, image was as important as the actual sound. I never really dressed based on fads (except for the one time I wore black whenever possible), or identified with a social group, but I did label myself by my music. “I like Rock, not that Crappy Pop”. “I’m into Metal” (I didn’t really know what metal was at 14, I don’t think most people do). “I love Emo music” (loosely defined of course). Thing is, I Find it funny to this day, how important it was that I identify with some musical label, while all the while claiming to be part of no clique.

I’m older now, and less worried about what people call my musical tastes, or whether or not people really like it. I readily admit that alongside Metallica, Nirvana, and Stavesacre you’ll find billy Joel and Amy Grant.

It’s funny. That’s pretty much it.

Rant over……


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