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Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!

A few days, or maybe weeks ago… i don’t remember really, I posted a clip of Penn Jillette’s (of Penn and Teller) video blog, where he discussed being moved and Impressed by a man attempting to prosletyze him in a calm, reasonable and respectful manner. Penn Jillette is a very outspoken Atheist, making it very clear that he finds Religion itself to be silly, outdated, superstitious Nonsense. I obviously disagree with him, but I was impressed by his ability to separate an Ideal that he disagrees with, from its adherants, who he can respect as individuals who simply disagree with him.

Because my interest in this man and his views has been piqued by the video blog, I decided to look into Penn and Teller. I saw some of their stage show on Youtube, and was impressed by their mixture of comedy, stage magic, and their aggravating(to the magic industry) penchant for revealing magic tricks on stage.

When I was surfing through these videos, iI found a clip from an episode of their Showtime series Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! (in some markets Penn and Teller’s B.S.). The Show is a skeptical look at things that the duo consider to be a scam, dishonest, reactionary or simply wrong. They cover topics ranging from Gun Control, Safety panic, the Obesity epidemic, the Bible, End of the World Obsession etc. I agree with some of what they say, and disagree with other things. But the way they present the show, and come to their conclusions are interesting enough that I can enjoy the show even when they take the side of something I disagree with.

Basically this whole post is an unpaid plug for the show. I like it, and I think other people would like it. So check it out, either by getting showtime or the dvds, or watching it on Youtube….. Which I am sure is completely legal and liscensed….*innocent look*


oh btw, the other day i added a new page

About ramblings. Just sayin.

I just registered my PC

So they’d get off my freakin back. I didn’t want to register it, but everytime that damn thing popped up, i’d click “I don’t want to register” and then it would crash and come up again. I amazingly had absolutely no difficulty once i decided to register the thing.

You may be thinking this is spyware activity, but no, this was legitimately from HP.

It annoys me. I want to enjoy  my computer without having to tell you shit about me. I bought the damn thing, its my property not yours. Back the fuck off.



Tell me

What you think of the new theme. I wanted something new and freshy.


If you don’t like it, tell me what sort of theme you would like.

Oh dear oh dear.

The Sleepy/bored/no time/all consuming aspects of School are once again taking over. The Familiar grumble of my friends’ complaints about continually occupied moi are a constant friend. The tragic realization that no, i can’t take time to search the sewers of Oblivion’s Imperial City’s sewers in search for the elusive lockpicks, because I need to read and take notes on chapters 3 and 4, leaving enough time in the week to work on the assignments.

But enough bitching.

Yesterday I went to target and mom and I bought my father a copy of Mamma Mia (he was a closeted Abba fan back in the day). I was wondering just how gay/nerd I looked while I was holding the unmistakably white Mamma Mia box while standing in the “young adults” fiction section checking out a hardback copy of Brisingr, the third book in the Inheritance cycle. When i passed this anecdote on to L, she made a funny comment about me wearing pink gloves and sache-ing around the store. She’s a riot. Remind me to poison her.

I’ve been watching the Penn and Teller Bullshit! episodes over on I both enjoy and hate that show depending on the topic. Typical of a Libertarian to simultaneously piss off everyone at the same time.

My left hand is hurting again, but i think it is due to abuse. I’m back to twisting paper again. I was doing great for a while now i am back to my little habits.

A’s been busy. I think she’s been wowing with L.

Btw, I still want this damn book.

But i have to finish the one i haven’t read before it before i can justify the purchase. 


A the mentionable


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