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Interesting thoughts from Penn Jillette.

Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller (The taller one that speaks), has a sort of video blog on Penn is an outspoken Atheist and makes no apologies for that. He even spent an entire skit trashing things from the bible that he did not like.

However, unlike many prominent atheists, he shows respect and kindness towards those who disagree with him. I found this really interesting. And Although he will probably never read this post (I may consider emailing it to him anyway), I would like to say thank you for realizing we are not all ignorant fools, and treating us like human beings, looking into our motives. I too agree that people can have fairly strong disagreements, yet get along as decent human beings. It is tragic that fools and nutjobs from both sides of the theistic debate has given a black eye to decent people.