Breaking the damned mold

Both Militant Atheists and most Fundamentalist Christians alike like to pretend that all Christians (perhaps TRUE CHRISTIANS™ in the case of the Fundies) think and feel the same regardless of the issues. They do this for different reasons.

The Hardcore Atheist (not the peaceloving neighbor next door who treats everyone with respect, but rather the rhetoric spewing internet trolls that seem to derive perverse pleasure by annoying people of any faith), wants to demonize and tear down the enemy, which is easier to do if you make them a Straw man Caricature Bloc that is easily torn down. If you portray Christians as brainwashed ignorant sheeple that do not think for themselves or apply both faith AND Reason throughout their lives, its easier to attack. This is a common practice in many societies. During World War II, the Americans demonized and Caricaturized the Nazis and Japanese in an attempt to take away their humanity and make it easier to fight. The Nazis did the same to the Jews. (For the Record I’m NOT comparing Militant Atheist Rhetoric to The Horrors of the Holocaust, that would be terrible).

The Fundies want to make it seem that we all agree for different reasons. Firstly they believe that the Bible is the Only reliable authority for determining Christian Tradition and Practice (A position that I disagree with, but can respect and is not at all dangerous or evil). Secondly, and most importantly, they often confuse their reading of Scripture with the Scriptures themselves. Thus, to challenge their opinion on Scripture (concerning any issue they deem important, such as the relationship of faith and works, issues of sexuality, their Literal Interpretation of Genesis 1&2 etc.) is to challenge the Scriptures themselves, and by extension, challenge the Authority of God. Thus to present Christian Faith as Respectable and True to the outside, it has to appear that we all think alike, and thus, the Scripture is clear. Internal disagreement appears to present a weak and unreliable anything goes, that undermines their understanding of Faith.

In this blog Post, I intend to address both Caricatures, and make it clear that we Christians are not all the same. We do not think the same. We do not feel the same. We do not act the same.

Firstly I address the Militant Atheists:

What if I were to make the claim, that all Atheists are filthy, lying, Communist bastards that have an agenda to ruin this great country by encouraging Loose Morals in youth and thus create anarchy and lapse of faith, and the eventual ruination of everything American society holds dear? What if I claimed there was a systematic conspiracy amongst atheists to persecute faith and silence religious belief to create an Atheistic Oligarchy?

Obviously you’d be pretty upset and/or likely to dismiss me as a paranoid kook who is simply afraid of that which is different. I would actually agree with you, because I don’t believe the things i said above are true. There are a great number of decent people who live their day to day lives in a peacable manner, love their families, go to work, and only wish to live the best life they can, who simply do not believe in God.

However a certain segment of Atheists have been making statements as outrageous as the above for years concerning Christians. Christians are accused of being ignorant hicks who want to police morality, restrict individual freedom, preach pseudoscience in schools, replace the scientific method with the Bible, silence anyone who disagrees, turn Homosexuals into Heterosexuals etc.

It is true that SOME Christians have these goals. Just as it is true that SOME atheists wish to abolish religion, jail religious people and create an atheistic state. But since when do we judge an entire group by SOME? Christianity has 3 billion adherents worldwide. Does anyone honestly believe that there are 3 BILLION sheeple in the world who don’t have personal feelings, disagreements with religious leaders, critical thinking skills or different interpretations on religious Tradition?


Now to address the Fundies:

We Share Christ. We share His Gospel and the New Life he has Given us through His glorious Defeat of Death on Calvary and His  Rising From Death. We Share His outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We are one in the Mystery of the Church.

But we as human individuals, cannot all understand the holy Mysteries of God laid down in the Scriptures. We are fallible and weak before God. We cannot pretend to fully understand His heart and Mind.

Thus we will obviously have disagreements concerning Theology. We will struggle to understand God, and we will continue to struggle with these things until all is revealed on the Final day.

So why pretend we all think and feel the same if we do not. Is this not dishonesty? Does Our Lord Encourage dishonesty?

No, Let us have our minor points of contention and disagreement in the manner of peace and respect that our Rabbi has given us. Love your brother enough to let him hold his opinion without your malice. We are one in Christ, we are not one in mind.

To end this post I thought I would make a list of ways I fit into the Christian stereotype, and ways I do not fit, to illustrate what one individual Christian looks like.

Ways I fit into the Christian stereotype.

  1. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that God became man to die and be raised from the dead for the redemption of mankind from our sins.
  2. I believe the Bible to be authoritative in matters of Faith and Morality (Note, i did not say Historically or scientifically valid).
  3. I believe that Christians should attempt to model their morality on the example set in the New Testament.
  4. I believe that Abortion is the taking of a Human Life (sometimes justified, but often not).
  5. I believe that Miracles have occurred throughout History (But I do not believe every miraculous account to be truthful by default. Christians are told to be Gentle as Doves but Wise as Serpents, and to test and see if something is of God before we rush off to proclaim it. There have been a great many charlatans throughout history).
  6. I believe that sexual intercourse is a good thing, that be limited to the marital relationship.

Ways I do Not fit into the Christian stereotype.

  1. I believe the Bible contains historical errors (which are of no real consequence to religious faith).
  2. I do not believe that the government has any right or responsibility to enforce my moral or religious beliefs upon anyone. To paraphrase the Muslims, religion is never compulsory. The Constitution does provide for a separation of Church and state, which protects both.
  3. I do not believe that Genesis chapters 1 & 2 contain a literally correct account of the Creation of the Universe or the Origin of Man. The Theory of evolution is good science and should be taught in schools.  I believe the passage to relay not a literal timeline of events, but rather important truths we need to understand about our Origin
    1. We owe our existence to God
    2. We are made in the Image of God (With Free Will, a Conscience etc.)
    3. There are consequences for rebelling against God.
  4. I believe that the first Responsibility we have after Loving God, is Loving our Neighbor, including Non believers and those we do not like/do not like us. If we wrong any man, we wrong Christ.
  5. Homosexuals are people who deserve Love, Kindness, Respect and Peace. They should have the right to a LEGAL form of marriage (but this marriage should not be forced upon religious organizations, which may choose to recognize or not recognize these legal unions in accordance with their religious beliefs). I do not believe that Homosexuals can be “turned straight”. My responsibility is to preach Christ to all men, not preach heterosexuality to all men.
  6. The Judgment of a man, and a man’s actions, is solely in the hands of God. There will be a great many in the Kingdom of God who we do not expect, and a great many absent whom we did expect. I believe I am to relay the message of Hope and Salvation that God has given his followers, but a person’s response to this message is truly between himself and God.

Alleluia, Iesus Dominus.


2 Responses to “Breaking the damned mold”

  1. 1 A is so not mentionable March 15, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Nice blog. I hope people read this.

  2. 2 A the should always and always be mentioned March 18, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Me too.

    Nice and deep

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