My Favorite Hard Rock and Metal bands

Lists seem to be the most common Internet meme that no one talks about. A casual look at places like Digg will give the aspiring sociologist an insight into an interesting human Phenomenon. We like to make lists, and then argue about them.

I have also read that a good way to overcome writer’s block is to start making lists, post some, don’t others, but keep making them, as they create inspiration.

Note, I am not saying these are the Best Hard Rock/Metal Bands, nor am I ridiculing other’s tastes. This is a purely selfish rant about my favorite Hard bands. If you don’t like it, get over it. I am a Metal Novice, and I’m content with that.

Finally the List is  Hard Rock and Metal, not just metal. I am quite aware many of these bands are not metal.


My Favorite Hard Rock/Metal Bands, in No Particular Order, and with the best Album earning the picture honor.

Led Zeppelin



Hehe. Not always Hard, in fact they can be quite beautiful and calming at points, but when they Crank it up it is definitely some of the best Hard rock ever. Bluesy, but….. protometally. Hard to describe to someone who’s uninitiated.




Hehe, its fuckin AC/DC!!!!!! Seriously, one of the Greatest Hard Rock bands Ever. If this thing was in order I’d have difficulty deciding between AC/DC and Metallica on this one. Big, Loud, Dirty. Awesome. No silly lyrical depth or soul searching, just balls awesome rock music.

Albums Owned:




Blindside is simply awesome. They are a Swedish Rock band who has made waves in both the Christian and Secular Markets. In their Early Days they dabbled in Hardcore music, but finally settled into a decent nu-metal inspired niche.

Albums Owned: Blindside, A Thought Crushed My Mind, Silence, About a Burning Fire, The Great Depression.


Demon Hunter


One of the Best examples of Modern Metal in my opinion. Yes it is Christian, but I feel that any open Minded metal fan should be able to set down their pre-conceived notions about religiously oriented music and enjoy a good ride. Stryper (shudder) is in the past. This is thoroughly modern metal, with old school throwbacks. Heavier than hard, it features the requisite down tuned guitars and cookie monster vocals requisite for the genre. The Music always seems to be moving, going somewhere. Often times when listening, I feel I am being thrown forward. Awesome Breakdowns not overused.

Albums Owned:

Demon Hunter, Summer of Darkness, The Triptych, Storm the Gates of Hell. 






Metallica is Pure, dirty, classic Thrash Metal. Its based on layered grungy guitar work and ugly gruff, but not growling, vocals. Its Hard and Heavy, but not overwhelming Noise like some I’ve heard. My Favorite Album is Master of Puppets, followed by Ride The Lightening and The Black Album (YES, I LIKE THE BLACK ALBUM, ITS GOOD WORK).

Albums Owned: Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, Metallica (the Black Album), Death Magnetic (underrated by snobs, but really DM is a fun album).




There are more, but fuck it, i didn’t feel like writing more.


1 Response to “My Favorite Hard Rock and Metal bands”

  1. 1 A is so not mentionable March 16, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    I’ve been making lists for years. A while ago btw, I had a blog idea about making a list of my best Floyd songs. You stolez mah idearz!


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