General Life update

I promise the “Christian Defence of the Theory of Evolution” is in progress. I know at least one person is waiting on it. But I’m in the middle of a school term and that is my current priority when it comes to writing.

School is stressful, but I’m working at a good clip. There’s one or two more group projects between the two classes, but i think they’ll be okay. I generally hate group assignments, but unfortunately college thinks its necessary to make us learn to play well with others. I hate my grade being dependant on other people’s work. For fuck’s sake i did high school on my own, why do i have to do college work like im in kindergarten?

I’ve been a bit upbeat recently for a few different reasons. Number one, is the weather picking up. Its starting to feel like spring, but not to the annoying part with all the pollen and heat right before summer. Also i’ve gotten to talk, and i mean literally TALK with my friends quite a bit due to the awesomeness of skype. Its stuff like that that changes the world.

Dad’s health has been up and down. Chest pains are a bit more common, but the seizures have come down a LITTLE the last couple days. Mom was nice and got us another year of Xbox Live service. I was gonna pay for it in May with my loan, but she felt like being super duper cool.

L has been more upbeat too.

Sadly A seems to be having some difficulties. It seems some people aren’t being nice to her, for reasons that shall remain private, and she’s been depressed about it. Just cause A’s different doesn’t mean she’s not a person. Fuck those intolerant dicks.

Um. I’m looking forward to my loan in May. I’ve got some plans for it, both important and frivolous. I really want to get driving, and i think that could be the time.


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  1. 1 A is so not mentionable March 21, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    I did a group assignment too. As much as we hate them they are neccassary. Say you got a job in a business and a product or outcome was dependant on teamwork, that’s the whole point of the assignments. The outcome doesn’t depend on you but the whole team, the better that you work together the better the product/outcome and/or profit. Anyway, if you end up working on your own then at least it is over with.

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