12:43 AM

Hmm…. that’d be 4:43 where most of you are.

Stayed up late working on assignment. Did not complete. Will finish tomorrow. Half dead.

Dad got home from the hospital today. Yesterday he went in due to chest pains and they kept him overnight. He’s stable and feeling better. They are ordering some outpatient tests and we will see what’s going on here soon.

I’m listening to aeonblue by subatomicglue and loving it.

I’m still drafting “A Christian’s Defense of the Theory of Evolution”. I think I have a decent idea, but I’m making some tough decisions on where i want to go with it, and where i want to direct my arguments. I realize that this blog is about my ranting, but I’m so very very pumped up about it. I am not sure why but I really want this one to turn out well. I guess I’m writing it more as a paper than as a blog post, but i will of course post it here.

Um, L. came out of her WoW shell the last couple days to do some schoolwork. I’m glad she’s still studying. She may have an opportunity to do something awesome here, depending on if they take her. I’m not exactly sure what it is or how it works, but I am incredibly hopeful it works out for her.

A. has been down lately. She is in need of some cyber hugging and a cup of tea.She’s been getting some horrible shit for who she is, and she’s got some medical issues on top of it all.

I played a little guitar hero earlier, and I’ve had a good streak. I beat several songs on hard today, when i’ve been having so much trouble with them before.

Oh, Found my DS, under the chair in the living room, crushed, broken up. If it wasn’t so damned expensive (and annoying to replace), it’d be sorta cool. The screen has an interesting fractal like break (no L, not a TRUE fractal, just…. branchy). I can also see some of the guts inside.

I guess its just an excuse to buy the DSi when I get my loan.

I end two classes Sunday, and begin two more on Monday. Then after six weeks i get a week off. I shall spend it sleeping i suspect. That or….. something….or other. Who knows how my life will play out.

I’ve noticed i write more when I don’t think about writing.

I’m gonna pull out my guitar here, and work out some of the rust. I’ve not played it for a few months, I hope I havn’t lost too much.

I gotta remember to finish the database and the powerpoint by Sunday night. VERY important.


Sleepy time.


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