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OMG today sucked

But I don’t feel like going into it.

Other than that, it was fairly average. Did some Schoolwork, watched and analyzed Shrek mainly. Yes that truly is an assignment for my Pop Culture Class. Wicked awesome Right?

In the morning I’m gonna take my analysis notes and turn it into a paper.

i wonder if L has blogged recently. I should check. I should also Check A’s Blog.

A had some good news, related to volunteering at a school or something. Tis awesome for her, I hope all goes well, prayers of course.

Those of you who pray, the family is going through some stuff and I would appreciated it. Those of you who don’t….. give me a hug or something.

Meh, i’m feeling apathetic about the blogging, cause today blew… whatever… talk more later. fuck.


My hand is itchy

I dunno why, i just noticed. There’s a spot between my ring and pinky finger, and it iches/burrrrns. I dunno.

Anyway, i think im gonna go play some xbox

The Musings of one with entirely too much energy at midnight

Oh what to say what to say. Well for one.. i’ve realized that if this is to be my blog le ramble, i’m gonna have to post my more detailed, thought out, grammatically correct and reasonable postings somewhere else. So yeah, I’m going to create another blog account for my more well thought out and presentable writings, and leave this site purely ramblings, friend shout outs and cool things i find online like i originally meant it to be. (Yes L, before you speak up this was your idea some time ago).

Secondly, i’ve been reading (or rather listening to an audiobook rendering of) George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I love it. Its similar to Nineteen Eighty-Four in the fact that it is an old style socialist ranting against communism as a betrayal of Socialist ideals. I am neither a socialist or a communist, but i find the work fascinating nonetheless. Unlike Nineteen Eighty-Four the book is more allegory than serious narrative. A might love it, its about animals that overthrow the farmer and run the farm themselves (and subsequently fall into corruption and hypocrisy).

I’ve got freakin Aqualung running through my head. That song is sweet, but hard to shake. That and the fact that its about a perverted old man makes it disturbing when it runs through your head all day.


Speaking of guitar riffs, i’ve been playing a bit more lately, instead of my usual nightly ritual of games and channel surfing. Hell i’ve even been off the computer a bit more. Anyway the point is i’ve noticed that my fingers are etting stronger, Barred Chords are less difficult to play and Sound a bit clearer. Also playing with the pentatonic scale, fun one that.

I’m looking for a lightweight blog authoring tool, Windows Live Writer sucks too much reasources. Something small would be great. Right now i’m using the website which i don’t usually do.

Been worried about dad lately. He goes up and down sometimes, its hard to tell if we’ve got thirty years left or thirty days. Its sort of terrifying in a way.

Oh, name ideas for tsahe more serious blog would be appreciated, Friends and strangers alike (as if we ever get strangers here).

A is loved. I hope she knows that.
L is loved, I’m quite sure she knows it.

You sad little people

One of my best friends was hurting tonight. She was hurting because blind, hate filled sad little excuses for human beings have hurt her.

My dear friend (lets all her T) is a transsexual. And punk ass little bitches have been hurling abuse at her to compensate for their general lack of anything resembling a penis. Cruel little people, hurtful and malicious little wretches picking on the weak to make themselves feel strong. The Strong do not prey on the weak, the Strong don’t need to, because they aren’t cowards hiding in groups, moving in packs because they aren’t man enough to take on life on their own.

My beautiful baby

I haven’t pulled her out in a while, but i was going through some pics on my computer and found these.

Memory Card 034

Memory Card 035

There’s also my favorite accoustic (i have three). I play this more often, because i don’t have a working amplifier and the electric is sad when it can’t be as loud as it wants to be.

Memory Card 036

hehe, sums it up well

This was posted waaaay back in 2005, but its definitely awesome.

Oh the frusrations of the dieter :P

Right now, I’m being a very good boy and ignoring my strong, intense desire to eat bread. I’m craving bread. Soft Bread, with a chewy crust.

Being good, being good, being good being good.

I just finished 1984. Great book. I feel everyone who is capable should read it at some point in their life. It is important. It is entertainment, but also beyond entertainment. We need to consider what it is like to not be free, before we can revel in our freedom.  (EXTRABREAD DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD BELLYCRIME)

(Those who have finished it, please no spoilers in the comments (Yes i’m referring to you L))

I’m worried about my dear A. She’s hoping for this facial surgery, and i hope she gets it, but i’m afraid she’s gonna be too let down if she doesn’t get it. She’s a strong woman, but i fear things…

Got a slow start on school today, gonna do some more reading tonight, but that’s it. No more for today. Can’t take on too much at once.

Chris on vicodin is interesting, mainly sleepy, but interesting. We watched The Wall.


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