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I don’t get white supremacists.

I’m watching an episode of gangland on History Channel. They are discussing white supremacy gangs and skinheads. I understand the need to “belong” to something. However I don’t understand specifically what is attractive about white supremacy.

1) The color of a person’s skin is pretty stupid criteria for love/hate. I have known some asshole white people and some kind loving black people. Wouldn’t you rather be close with someone who likes you rather than someone who looks like you?

2) Skinheads tend to use forms of rock music as a rallying cry/recruiting tool. Rock music is deeply entwined with historically black blues.

3) Wouldn’t you rather be proud of what you or your group has done, rather than what it looks like? I’d prefer to be a member of a trade, art movement or political party rather than a “race”. Those things do something, race is merely an accident of birth. Not to mention the fact that the idea of race is merely a social construct.

Eh, hatred usually stems from stupidity.



I’m apparently a cow.

Owww, My back is hurting

Which is not at all normal for me, I must have slept funny. As i mentioned earlier, dad had to go to the ER. He bonked his head during a seizure. He came home (sometimes they keep him, but the CAT scan was fine).

I own an iPod, and when it comes time to replace it, I will probably get another…. but this makes the decision a little harder

Oh, if only it was also microsoft’s inevitable handheld gaming machine. Then again, I’m fairly happy with the DS.

I’ve only got one more chapter to read this week… then i can get hardcore on my other form of slavery, the actual assignments. Yuk.

poor daddy

In hospital with possible concussion, prayers and or warm fuzzies please.

For the sake of my sanity

I’ve gotta find a good study rythm.

Oh how I long to be free of this accursed marketing.

My other courses are not terrible. In fact, some of the work is entertaining. However, this marketing class was surely spawned in the pits of Hades. There is SOOOOO MUCH READING. I read more in this class per week than the other two classes combined.


Anyway… on to other things. Dad scared me today health-wise. It appears he is going to be okay, but prayers/warmfuzzies would be greatly appreciated.

Multiple things to discuss

Okay, been a while (what a week? I’m just guessing) since my last post, and i wanted to get a few things down, and settle back into this thing.

First, I’m back to the proverbial grindstone. I’m spending my days, and many nights, stuck in textbooks, partially completed papers, class emails and various other mindnumbing activities that are collectively referred to as “an education”. If this doesn’t pay off with a decent career later on, I’ve got a few sunny teachers to settle a score with. (The paranoia in me is insisting that I should probably clarify that that was merely a joke).

Oi, still havn’t gotten the damned cord for my laptop. *shakes an angry fist at general direction of Kensington. Meh I’m not really that upset, but I would like to have it.

Dad has started a blog here. I encourage anyone who is interested to read it. I will be adding it to the blogroll found on the left for anyone who is interested.

Um, this has turned out to be a lot shorter than i thought… so ignore the title.


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