Okie dokie

Its yet again late at night and I’m about to go to bed. But i wanted to get a couple things down real quick. 

Firstly I really fucked up my diet today. I mean…. REALLY. It started out with a “treat” of a small amount of icecream, but that laxed attitude led to further sins, and i ended up eating way more than i needed. 

Dollhouse got really interesting tonight. They revealed Alpha, and Bollard Got into the Dollhouse… he got busted unfortunately. They left us hanging as to what happens. There is one more episode before the end of the first season, but damnit, they had BETTER make a second. I hate when i get into shows and they shut them down. Damn i hate it. 

 I realized today, or maybe yesterday i forget, that I have to start tagging my posts. 

A got some good news. I think i mentioned that already. Fuck i’m tired. 

Ooh, i havn’t asked L about her schooling thing. I really ought to. I shall tomorrow. OF course i probably won’t have to as she’ll read this and answer me. 

OH well time for bed. I need to get ready for tomorrow and the required writing that is forced upon me for school. I much prefer this writing, where i get to address my friends and the invisible non-existant audience in my head. 

Night all, loves and all that. 

*passes out*


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