Last Night’s Outrage

Last night, I posted a rant about a horrible entry by some woman about abortion, she was basically saying that she spent her time and effort as a counselor at an abortion clinic (if i misunderstood her role there forgive me) convincing women that it was perfectly okay to scramble their unborn child’s brain, forcing these women to tear down their distaste for the process (which even those who legitimately NEED an abortion should have), and give her a sunshiney speech about how great and wonderful scrambling their unborn child like scrambled eggs is.

Well, i’ve calmed down and realized that that last post was very very reactionary and heated. In the next couple days or so (not tonight school involves too much reading) i will give a calm and rational description of how i see the abortion issue.

I am generally fairly pro-life, although (and i may not have made it clear last night) I do recognize some emergency situations where abortion would be a lesser of several evils. What I was angry about last night was not medically necessary abortions, but rather her attitudes that even abortions used as a last form of birth control for irresponsible people who don’t want to deal with the real risks involved with sex, as peachy keen and “good”.

eh i’m starting to ramble again like last night. No more on abortion until I finish my rational calm post and put it here. After that i will drop the topic for a while, since it makes me hot and is not conducive to my health.


1 Response to “Last Night’s Outrage”

  1. 1 I r Weezy June 16, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Her post wasn’t quite rational either. That’s why you reply in a more rational manner.

    I think she could have upset a lot of people. Even pro-choicers like me.

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