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For 8 days… starting in the morning. Then a new term starts. However, for the next 8 days I shall not even think of school. It does not exist, I am free and will remain that way.

Okay, so, I have not posted here in forever. I’ll be frank,  ever since getting back my computer and busting my butt to get caught up on school, I’ve lost pretty much all interest in my previous pursuits. Before I lost my computer and got behind in school, I enjoyed playing around with writing, and studying things that I found interesting. However those things went to sleep for roughly the past month and a half.

Here, on this day, I am attempting to awake them. I will be taking up some of my old hobbies, including blogging. I will force myself to write, even if I don’t want to. I will play with the short fiction ideas I had before. I will force it. I am free from the overbearing burden of a college education.

At least for now.