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My speech

I went to give a speech for my speech class on Wednesday, and TOTALLY FREAKIN BOMBED IT!!!!!!!!

I stood there, mumbled, forgot to read my guide, only covered a few of my main points and freaked the fuck out. Could be related to the fact that I never once practiced said speech. I think i’ll do better next time, but I am fairly embarrassed at this failure!

I kinda freaked out when i came home wednesday night, but i’m doing better.

I may fail this course, but I can afford the F. Worst Case Scenario I take it again.

LB, Who I haven’t seen for a day or two and sorta miss, got a netbook! That is totally awesome! I WANT ONE lol. Ooh, I never asked what operating system it runs on. I should do that.

LH went to church today. She mentioned something about it, but i didn’t notice and now i feel bad.