And the Lu returneth and other news

She’s home. She’s in a bit of pain, and she feels annoyed at a select few of her friends (none of which read this blog, don’t worry), but she seems to be relatively okay.

I have begun a new project. To further my possibly fruitless (but hopefully enjoyable) journey to become a decent writer, I am working up a theory for a new blog. In the past I have attempted to put somewhat serious and well thought out essays or articles on this blog, and due to the nature of this blog, they have come out rushed, weak, and awkward. The reason is simple. I started Ramblings to be a place to do just that, ramble. The only thing that belongs here is impulsive rants, not anything that coudl be called a “work”.

I am drafting a few things to put up, because its always best to have the first few posts worked out before putting up something serious online. It gives you time to generate further content without feeling the pressure to put something new up all the time. This may or may not go anywhere, but I might as well put my best foot forward.

New Southpark on tonight for me, new Southpark for my brit friends tomorrow.

Lubs all.


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