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Nostalgia Sucks

At least when it comes to movies and other media. Yes I Like thinking back on things from my youth and enjoying a nostalgic moment, but frankly it seems like people are blinded from the good things happening now, because they worship the past.

For example, i recently read a list of “disappointing movies” on another blog i read (I may link it at some point). The author listed both the new King Kong and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as disappointing movies. Frankly, I think this has a lot to do with a sense of nostalgia that overlooks the flaws and magnifies the strengths of things we enjoyed in the past.

I believe this, because I did not grow up with Indiana Jones and the New Kong is the only version I’ve seen, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. I have seen the Indy Trilogy, and Frankly I think Crystal Skull is just as good as the others (if slightly different).

I absolutely adore Kong, and the ending made me sad.

I don’t have the nostalgia glasses that makes gods out of the older films and gives me higher than plausible expectations for the upcoming films. This is probably the same reason I don’t hate the Star Wars Prequels. I could enjoy them without comparing them to a highly distorted and aggrandized memory of the Original Trilogy. I had seen the original Trilogy shortly before the release of Episode One, and I had a more real view of the Older movies, which had both flaws and strengths.


(Yes, I admit I truly hate Episode 1, but 2 was not nearly as bad as people say and 3 contends with 6 as my absolute Favorite)



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