I can understand why so many lose faith

Its the Christians. Those damned Christians. Yes, I am one of them, but I’ve seen how we can hurt people.

No, this is not some bitchfest about the faith, wannabe revolutionaries, I want no religion bashing in my comments. I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i’m just sicked how its been dragged through the mud.


The First thing that is pissing me off is the politics. Jesus had several opportunities to establish a state. He was God Incarnate, so if he wanted to overthrow rome he could have done it. But no, he was worried about more important things, saving the lost, feeding the hungry and loving people unconditionally. The problem is the Modern Church has forgotten this. We have forgotten that Christianity is not about Blind Jingo Patriotism, and instead it is about loving and serving our fellow man in the imitation of Christ.

The Second thing is the attitude of superiority. I want to slap my fellow believers upside the head everytime i hear them talking about “sinners”. WE ARE ALL SINNERS DAMN IT, if you don’t realize that, you’ve failed Christianity 101. Get off your high horse, Get down in the Trenches and Love!

The Last thing, a lot of us can’t talk to people. We speak in a foreign language, which makes no sense to the average person. Jesus spoke to his contemporaries where they were. He didn’t ramble on about “The Lord Laying Something on His Heart” or “Claiming Righteous Victory”. He simply taught us to love one another, drop the hypocritical bullshit, and believe in Him. How did we mess that up?

(Yes, i’m back with a rant, read the name of the site)


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