This blog is both personal and public. I will be writing to personal friends, to anyone who stumbles across this little portion of the internet, myself, and sometimes to no one at all.
Anything I post publicly is open to commentary and discussion, but be prepared for silly inside jokes and personal references. I often do write to a more general audience, but even then the topic is whatever i feel like writing about.

I will write about politics, religion, philosophy, books, movies, my day, and sometimes i’ll say fuck it and write about whatever inane topic comes to mind. I welcome and enjoy readers and commentators. But ultimately this blog is for me. This is my place to create, sound off and express. Sometimes it will entertain others, sometimes i’ll be dialoging with my inner self.

basically, be prepared for anything. The name isn’t a clever attempt to seem chic and common and everyday. The name is literal, these are my ramblings.


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